People of Georgian: Massage Therapy alumna pays it forward with inspiring advice
July 31, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Lindsay Geiger

The biggest moment in my career thus far was walking out with Team Canada in front of 40,000 fans in Israel for the Maccabiah Games. It was truly a moment of pure joy. All the hard times during my personal journey paid off for this one moment.

Don’t stop chasing your dreams. Allow yourself to experience challenges because those will never end, even when you graduate. Education is only the beginning of the experiences you should be looking forward to when it comes to your profession.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Don’t hide those weaknesses because that’s what will make you work harder and more effective, now and always. Don’t ever be ashamed of asking for help. There will always be options for you.

Know that graduation will never be the end of your educational journey. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because that feeling will help you through some of the toughest journeys you will encounter.

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Traveling the world and giving back

Many life decisions aren’t easy, but when it came to choosing my career and where I would learn, it was a piece of cake. Georgian was always my school of choice.

Fast forward five years since graduation, and I have been able to travel the world with professional athletes, help the general public with injuries, and volunteer when I can.

Helping people and giving back is so important to me because I truly believe everyone can be helped in some sort of way.

During my educational journey at Georgian, I had tutors, teachers and classmates taking the time to help and guide me during their free time to get me to where I am today. I think it’s vital to pay it forward.

If I can help even one student, or help them see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel I have done my part as an alumni and graduate.

Lindsay Geiger, graduate of Georgian’s Massage Therapy program and owner of Kneading Balance Services.

Follow Lindsay’s work through her podcast, Lattes with Lindsay, which is about different types of health care and how to improve balance in body, mind and soul.