People of Georgian: International student finds herself in tarot cards
March 25, 2022

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People of Georgian: Meet Nikita Kewalramani

In 2019, I came out of multiple surgeries. I kept wondering, “What is that hope, that invisible thing, that wants to keep me going?”

It was always a question in the back of my head. I believe that when you’re called to know something, you dive deep into it, you don’t have to force it.

So, I started on a path to discovering what my faith is.

Nikita Kewalramani

It led to that universal power that we all label very subjectively – the universe, consciousness, God, whatever; one power you believe in that works mysteriously behind us somewhere.

My journey led to numerology, and then learning a little bit about astrology.

Astrology is not just predictions, it has a lot to do with the science of the mind, and you can tell a lot about a person if you read them the right way.

78 Tarot cards later…

Eventually, that led to tarot.

I was into tarot for about a year and a half, and I noticed that a lot of it out there is about what someone else is feeling about you or thinking about you. But tarot can be the greatest tool for self-discovery.

One thing led to another, and now I ended up creating my own Tarot deck.

In June 2021, I started designing, and I was taking it one card at a time. That’s 78 cards: designing them, with the pictures, and then writing the meaning.

In less than two months it was ready.

I found a printing press very close to my home, and then I found a craftsman who could make the bag I wanted to put the cards in.

Tarot leads the way to self discovery

It all came together very smoothly, and that’s how I knew I’m supposed to be doing this. I launched the deck in October.

My tarot deck focuses on the self because, even in tarot, people focus on fortune telling but it’s so much more than that.

“Wake up to the magic that you are.”

Nikita Kewalramani

It’s a friend that you have when you don’t think you have anyone else around you.

It’s also a tool that will be explicitly blunt to you when you need to be hit with the facts. It will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know.

A person with long brown hair, green shirt, and their right hand over their mouth, looks at the camera and holds up a Tarot card deck with their other hand.

I want everyone, each and every single day, to wake up and choose to know themselves.

It’s not easy and it’s definitely a very conscious choice you have to make every single day, but when you make that choice, you wake up to the magic that you are.

Nikita Kewalramani, a student in the Early Childhood Education program at Georgian’s Orillia Campus. Check out her tarot deck.