People of Georgian: International coordinator finds ‘true personality’ at college
January 29, 2021

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People of Georgian: Meet Kenta Shirakura

I first came here as an ESL student, studying English back in 2011.

I really liked Georgian College and my experience in Canada, so I decided to come back.

The social culture – how people react and behave in social environments – matched my personality more than Japanese society, so I really found my true personality when I came here.

I especially loved experiencing cultural diversity in Canada and being able to meet different people.

I’m very openminded and outgoing, which wasn’t really me back in Japan; it was kind of hidden. My personality changed when I came here.

My mom said she thinks I always talked a lot. That was an interesting one to hear.

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In Japan, there’s no real cultural oppression, but in the classroom and social environments, I felt that. I always had questions about how things are done but I never asked those questions; you have to sort of accept what’s out there as what it is.

So, it was a very interesting feeling for me to come to Canada and experience openness.

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In Canada, everyone has a different opinion. In the classroom, certainly, I felt that people would express their own opinions, and I learned there’s no one way of answering certain questions.

I really like that about living in Canada. People accept you as you are.

Through my experience working as an international student ambassador at Georgian, I really liked helping others.

It made me want to come work at Georgian College, and I’m now in the college’s International department helping international students.

I want to enhance other international students’ experience by doing whatever I can to help.

Kenta Shirakura, alumnus of Georgian’s Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort program (Class of 2015), which is now our Hospitality – Hotel and Resort Operations Management program. Kenta is also the International Housing Coordinator with Georgian’s Segal International Centre.

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