People of Georgian: Counsellor gains compassion through addiction, mental-health struggles
December 04, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Greg Taylor

I’ve been almost 34 years sober.

I struggled with addiction to alcohol and with my mental health.

I barely got through high school and then I barely got through university, but eventually I got my ducks in a row, my sh*t together, got sober, and then I realized I had this wonderful potential to help others and entertain others and counsel others.

I find that happens to a lot of people when they get through their struggles. We all have this great potential, but sometimes it gets hidden underneath the mental health and the addictions and all that other stuff.

As I went through that process I discovered that, “Hey I’m a pretty neat guy.” We’re all neat people, we just don’t know it.

When I’m working with a student and they say, “I need to work on my self-esteem and I’m smoking weed every night,” I feel that I can help them not only with my professional skills but just also with my life experience.

‘Pretty painful times, but those were growing pains’

Life throws curveballs, and I certainly don’t ride that emotional rollercoaster I did earlier in my life.

Once you get the alcohol and the drugs out of the way, you realize what you’re dealing with. Those were some pretty painful times, but those were growing pains.

All those experiences along the way have made me who I am today.

From my experiences I gained compassion and empathy for the students we have who are really struggling.

Helping people in my own way gives me a sense of purpose or mission. I really truly believe that’s why I’m here.

Person smiles at the camera while wearing a shirt that reads "May the stache be with you."

I love working one on one with people, when I can help someone who’s really struggling.

That’s what I’m passionate about. I really enjoy being of service. I feel like I found the perfect job; I really feel lucky.

Greg Taylor, Counsellor at Georgian College.

Learn more about Georgian’s mental-health and well-being resources, including free, confidential counselling, and our new Mental Health and Well-being Strategy.

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