People of Georgian: Aviation student gets ‘incredibly rare’ job opportunity
October 08, 2021

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People of Georgian: Meet Nicholas Chute

I grew up inspired by aviation, primarily because my father was a volunteer at air shows since I was born.

What an inspiration he has been. I had the chance to sit in just about every type of airplane, including fighter jets, Second World War bombers, big cargo planes, and more.

A person with brown hair, black face mask, black T-shirt, blue and pink checked shirt, black jacket, and neon orange vest, stands outside on a tarmac, with an airplane parked in the distance behind them.

Aviation has been in my blood through my childhood and teenage years, and I like to say it’s not as much as career but rather a lifestyle.

Georgian’s Aviation Management program was an excellent offering for what I wanted in my future, not just from a career standpoint, but also to help me outside of academics. 

Through my experiences learning in classrooms and WebEx rooms, or out in the real world on a co-op placement, the program has helped me achieve one of my greatest dreams – organizing my own air show.

Recently, Wings Over Windsor announced a show running in 2023 in Windsor, Ont., with myself assuming the volunteer role of Director, Operations.

A person with brown hair, scruffy goatee, and white and red checked shirt, smiles and stands in front of an airplane engine.

Without learning what I have in class, I wouldn’t be as confident to lead such an essential part of a massive event like this. Being in this position at just 20 years old is incredibly rare.

Aviation is an industry full of possibilities, and I heavily relied on Georgian’s program to help shape my career.

‘Work hard and don’t give up’

It isn’t easy to achieve your dreams or find yourself in a position you’ve wanted to be in for such a long time.

I would say to any student – or really, to anyone looking to achieve the highest goals they have – to work hard and don’t give up.

Especially during the pandemic when life hasn’t been easy for many, aiming forward to the future with positivity and ambition is a tool to success. Georgian has indefinitely helped me accelerate that success.

Nicholas Chute, student in Georgian’s Aviation Management program.