People of Georgian: Army coach finds second family through fitness
July 10, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Chelsey Tuck

I strive to be the best fitness coach I can be in order to serve the members of the Canadian Armed Forces. I want to ensure the members have the tools and guidance to maintain a state of operational readiness.

Working alongside military members is essentially like being part of their big family. We have to support one another and keep morale high.

I love the camaraderie of the fitness community, and that people come together to support each other. I get so excited when I hear about other people doing well with their fitness goals, especially when people finally get off the couch to take control of their lifestyle. Personally, I know how good it feels to work toward something and accomplish it. It’s exciting and motivating to see people succeed, especially if they were unsure in the beginning.

Empowering people through fitness

When it comes to coaching, I have a holistic style. I believe that everything is interconnected in a person’s life. I like to look at all aspects of someone’s life rather than just targeting one thing. For example, for a fitness goal, I would not only look at physical activity levels, but also sleep, work life, nutrition, and movement patterns.

I strive to empower individuals to achieve their goals. Rather than just telling my clients what to do, I teach them why we’re doing what we’re doing. My goal is to always try to provide them with the tools and the know-how to be successful.

Chelsey Tuck, Georgian alumna, Fitness and Health Promotion program, and fitness and sports instructor at Canadian Forces Base Borden.

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