To build or not to build? Student survey to help community decide
January 01, 2013


buildAs part of their coursework, Research Analyst students Sylvia Meister, Patti Allen and Jessica Moore are exploring whether or not Tay Township has a need for seniors’ housing facilities. A survey they are conducting has been mailed to approximately 1,000 area households in the hopes that the data collected will help the township make informed decisions about planning for the future.


The survey, which takes less than five minutes to complete, consists of 18 questions. The students are hoping for a 40 per cent response rate and have received 157 surveys thus far. The results will be analyzed by the students and used to assist in an application for federal and provincial funding for seniors’ housing within Tay Township.


The students chose this particular project to work on for several reasons:


  • Their familiarity with the area and overall concern for housing in Ontario
  • A desire to contribute information that may inform decision-making processes around issues for seniors
  • Personal experience that attests to the challenges seniors currently face


Tay Township has offered encouraging support. At the suggestion of Councillor Jim Pearsall, Tay even offered to pay for the survey mailing costs.


“The experience has been challenging at times. We have learned to anticipate and overcome logistical obstacles and address them immediately,” says Jessica Moore. “We have effectively been able to manage our project and we are on schedule with our original timelines. It has also been gratifying that the township has provided support to the project as well.”