Student research spreads insight on millennial mindset
February 01, 2013


Georgian Research Analyst students Barbara Ireland, Ramandeep Matharu, Jessica Moore and Gladys Concon received kudos from Smucker’s for a study they completed on the beverage consumption patterns and preferences for millennials (18 to 30-year-olds).

Though typically known for their jams and jellies, Smucker’s includes in their family of brands Bick’s, Robin Hood, Eagle Brand, Carnation, Folgers and more. The students presented their research in early January to the Warm Beverage Team and to Smucker’s senior leadership team.

Stephen Kouri, Vice President of Sales and Trade Marketing at Smucker’s, followed up with a letter that said, “The group presented seamlessly and with passion. They uncovered some interesting insights… which we will surely prove in a later quantitative study. They were very engaged, clear in their understanding of the insights being delivered and recommendations given.”

As part of their research, students conducted 30-minute in-depth interviews with millennials and led online and face-to-face focus groups. They explored such questions as:

  • How do millennials acquire their warm beverage habits?
  • What influences those habits?
  • How does a brand preference get established?

Course instructor Diane Mackie was thrilled with their efforts.

“Students did a phenomenal job, demonstrating strong research communication skills,” she says. “They had the rapt attention of the Smucker’s senior leadership team. Overall, the project was a true win-win for everyone.”

Millennials are expected to be the next generation with the biggest buying power. Statistics Canada reports that there are approximately nine million Canadians currently in this age group.

“It’s why a lot of companies want to understand the millennial mindset and the factors that influence their decision making,” says Gladys Concon. “This was a very good experience for all of us. There was a real client and a real need.”