Georgian College integrates Rosetta Studio into the Research Analyst Program
January 21, 2013

Once again Georgian College has chosen to integrate Rosetta Studio into the New Research Technology course of the Research Analyst Program (RAP). We are proud to be able to teach Rosetta Studio to this year’s class and to allow them to use our software to create presentations. As they graduate and enter the market research workforce they are increasingly likely to encounter Rosetta Studio.

Jeff Cole who teaches the New Research Technology course at Georgian College offers the following description of the RAP program, the New Research Technology course and the integration of Rosetta Studio into the course. Jeff can be contacted at

“The Georgian College Research Analyst Program (RAP) equips its students with the knowledge, skills and professionalism necessary to conduct applied research in a variety of settings, such as marketing, consumer packaged goods, retail, advertising, tourism, education, health, government and the community. The program focuses on the entire research process, from problem definition through to research design, data collection, analysis and communication of results. RAP has been training research professionals since 1991.”

“A highlight of the intensive 8 month post-graduate program for many students is their second term New Research Technology course. Students get hands-on experience with the latest innovations in data collection, analysis and reporting tools that serve to expedite or enhance traditional research methods and processes. Among the topics covered are online surveys and communities, mobile research, social media monitoring and analysis, analytical process automation, dashboard reports, infographic design and web development.”

“Rosetta Studio is a great part of our course; it is truly an ingenious software tool that seeks to free research analysts from the tyranny of mundane and error-prone repetitive tasks. We love the “WOW” that students get when they see a high quality PowerPoint presentation produced from mounds of data in minutes flat! Easy-to-use, time saving, flexible and 100% accurate, Rosetta Studio is in our program to stay.”