R U listening? Annie Pettit (aka @LoveStats) comes to Georgian
February 15, 2013

Annie Pettit

Students from both Research Analyst cohorts were privileged to attend a seminar with special guest speaker Annie Pettit. Annie is the of “The Listen Lady,” an educational novel about social media research, and a self-described market research methodologist. Her fifteen years of experience started with data quality in online surveys, shifted to data quality in survey panels, and now resides in data quality in social media research. Annie says that “she speaks softly and carries a large stick to beat down low quality work and words that don’t lead to action or dollars. Speed and efficiency, with a side helping of humour, are my rules of the game.”

Annie is the current Editor-in-Chief of VUE magazine, Vice President of Research Standards at ResearchNow and Chief Research Officer at Conversition, an e-Rewards company.You can follow Annie on Twitter (@LoveStats) or visit her well-regarded blog, the LoveStats blog at http://lovestats.wordpress.com/