Diving into digital data with comScore
February 06, 2013

On February 6, students in the Fall-Winter cohort welcomed Laura Hemeryck, Account Manager at comScore Toronto, into their New Research Technology class. Laura explained the technology and methodology of how comScore measures online behaviour, and then took the students on a “deep dive” into practical case studies, illustrating how comScore’s platform can be used to address real-world marketing problems.

comScore is a leading internet technology company that provides “big data” analytics for the digital space. comScore measures what people do as they navigate the internet, and through tools such as Media Metrix, enables users to gather media intelligence, or take actions to make the most of their digital investments. For instance, publishers and advertising agencies use Media Metrix to measure audience composition and performance.

“Students were pretty amazed by the amount of information available in the platform,” said Jeff Cole, instructor of the New Research Technology class. “Inviting Laura into the class was a great way to give the students a practical, hands-on perspective of how to interpret ‘big data’, making it actionable, a topic which the recent MRIA NetGAIN 7.0 conference focused on extensively.”

“By bringing Laura / comScore in to speak,” continues Cole, “I think it underscores an important lesson for the students. It’s an exciting time in the digital world, and every year the innovations in hardware and software seem more and more sensational. Not surprisingly, consumers’ digital consumption habits are changing rapidly and companies need a way to measure and understand the trends that are shaping the future, if they are going to stay relevant. The nature of research is also changing, and we – the program and students alike – need to be able to change along with it, if we are to remain relevant. Laura was able to put this into perspective for them.”