Tom’s Blog – President’s Cup Preview #3
October 03, 2013

Tom Schellenberg - 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business - Golf Management

Tom Schellenberg – 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business – Golf Management

by Tom SchellenbergAssistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and 2013 Alumni – Bachelor of Business, Golf Management

The first day of President’s Cup starts tomorrow, Monday September 30. This last week of reduced play has been absolutely crucial for us to get everything into place for the arrival of the players and spectators. No guest play allowed on Thursday and Friday followed by the club being closed on Saturday and Sunday gave us the time needed to give the club a President’s Cup makeover. Converting the golf shop into Commissioners Hospitality, villas into Team Cabins, and the fitness center into the players locker room are only some of the transformations that had to be done in this short window.

The players will have team cabins to use during the day for a spot to relax when they aren’t playing golf; their lockers are in the fitness center. The International Team and USA Team each have their own identical cabins and locker rooms in order to keep them together and make for the best cohesion of the teams. Brand new logo carts detailed with American and International flags are provided for the players along with bags, head covers, golf tees, towels, umbrellas, and much more golf paraphernalia. Everything is logoed with the President’s Cup and the players corresponding team flag. The setup is designed to help create a very distinct unity of team play that is uncommon to the traditional game of golf.

Saturday and Sunday were crucial days to have the club closed because it allowed us to make everything perfect for the arrival of the players. The club and facilities look absolutely amazing! There will be video games, pool and ping pong tables, and all of the food you can imagine in the team cabins. This will be a great place for the golfers to relax and have fun together when they are not on the golf course. Then we also have the fitness facility stocked with President’s Cup workout clothes, energy and protein bars, and sports drinks. The service level will be very high because there are only 24 players to take care of. Therefore this gives us the chance to do everything to the highest degree for every player this week.

The wives and families of the players also have a cabin to themselves so that they can come to the course and be comfortable as well. This also has full buffets throughout the day and is a great spot to relax. This cabin will not see much use until later in the week as the families of the players usually don’t start coming out until the weekend.

Today we have had two players arrive to the course. Hideki Matsuyama got in this afternoon with a large team of guys to get some early practice in on the course. Among Hideki were his caddie, manager, and some others. Jason Day also came in today to practice and get a head start on the rest of the players. Jason is an Ohio local and member at Muirfield Village Golf Club which gives him a large United States following even though he is playing for the International Team. Jason is extremely down to earth and will talk to anyone. He is an outstanding young guy and we all hope that he does well this week!

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Tom Schellenberg is the Assistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and a 2013 graduate from the Bachelor of Business- Golf Management program at Georgian College.

Tom is a young man filled with tremendous ambition for the life and career that lay before him. His focus in the golf industry and dedicated work ethic have lead him to experience some of the top golf clubs in the world. Tom’s burning passion for traveling the world with a purpose will undoubtedly drive him to a life full of fulfillment, success, and happiness.