Engaged: Automotive Business School of Canada students connecting with the automotive industry
November 06, 2012

Road Rally Orientation WeekOrientation Week at the Automotive Business School of Canada

Summer came to a screeching halt as the school year commenced once again. With first year students arriving and many students returning from co-op terms, September and October were busy months here at the Automotive Business School of Canada. Our schedules were packed with a few industry events and fun!

In September, orientation began with the traditional Road Rally through the city of Barrie followed by dinner at the TLC.

As our first year students settled in, our first automotive event of the year started off with an Economic Conference at the Westin in Toronto sponsored by Lexus on the Park (Rowntree Enterprises Inc.). Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economic Trends covered a wide variety of topics that brought great economic knowledge to many that attended the event.

Lexus on the Park


The entire conference underlined Canada’s relationship and strong ties with the U.S, and how it will in turn affect the Canadian economy negatively. Unfortunately, the U.S economy is tangled in deficit that requires serious attention.

Brian Beaulieu: US Economic A Personal Anecdote

According to Brian, the U.S economy will affect nations like China that thrive on U.S consumptions of their goods. An interesting fun fact forecasted by Beaulieu, claims that the second half of 2015 the U.S will be favored in terms of production and manufacturing over China! Additionally, Brian stated from a global perspective that in the second half of 2013 we will endure a broad base recession. Further down the road in 2030 to 2040 Beaulieu claims a great depression will take place.


TADA Digital Dealer Conference

The following week was scheduled with the Trillium Automotive Dealer Association (TADA) Digital Dealer Conference. The Digital Dealer Conference covered important factors that dealers should partake in to become up-to-date with the digital world. Guest speakers discussed topics that included webpage interface & layout, Google Adwords, online reputation, express service, and customer retention. Thanks to the generous support from Reynolds and Reynolds 25 of our students were able to attend this event at no cost!

A notable mention was Tim Wilson of Google, who exposed many important tips and tricks in relation to the use of Google and how to draw traffic to your website. At the end all the topics tied together and became a useful step-by-step process of becoming an active Digital Dealer.


Below is a list of the presenters at this conference.

Sean Stephens – Tree Frog Interactive

Tim Wilson – Google

Jeff Cowan – The Truth about Express Service

Heather MacKinnon – DealerRater

Todd Smith – ActiveEngage Inc.

Shaun Raines – Driving Sales University


Dianne Craig, Presidnet Ford Motor Company of Canada

Dianne Craig, CEO Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited visited the Barrie campus of Georgian College on Sept.26, where she discussed Ford’s long journey in comparison to the other domestic brands. Most importantly, Dianne disclosed Ford’s struggles during the recession and the turnaround success with CEO Alan Mulally. She shared her career path and the effects of increasing gas prices in regards to their number one selling F-150. Students enjoyed hearing her personal journey to where she is today and were thrilled to meet her in person.

Ford Drive One 4UR Community – Barrie Ford

On Sun. Sept. 30 twelve first year ABSC students volunteered their time as test drive consultants with the Ford Drive One 4UR Community event organized by the Research Analyst program at Georgian College. The public had the opportunity to test drive the 2013 Ford vehicle line-up and ask questions of the staff of Barrie Ford. 100 test drives were completed with all proceeds going towards funding student research projects with local charities. It was fun hanging out with Growler, Georgian College’s mascot, as seen in the picture below!