2014 Georgian College Auto Show Committee Announced!
September 25, 2013

What can be said about the Georgian College Auto Show? It would be very easy for the show to simply pack up and leave town for good but because of a few dedicated students and staff, the show is set to come back this June. Yes after months of planning, hundreds of meetings and countless sleepless nights, the tents will go up, the cars will arrive and the gates will open for the public to see the new metal and bright students.

This year, four Students have taken on the leadership and responsibility associated with the show. The Automotive Business School of Canada is proud to announce the following Students and their acquired position within the show:


Bill Banting, Director of Physical Resources

Chanelle Gonthier, Director of Events & Sponsorship

Shannon Douglas, Director of Media Relations

Christian Whitmore, Director of Training & Recruitment


Congratulations to the new student committee. The next section of the blog post will go over all the steps that go into making a show of this size a success.



autoshow (39 of 358) autoshow (58 of 358)Untitled.001autoshow-5The first board meeting occurs in the fall, the students meet their faculty or staff mentor who works with the student during the course of the show. The key to this meeting is going over the deadlines and scheduling of tasks to ensure the show will be ready in time. Next, the manufacturers that participate in the show are divided up into portfolios and each committee member is assigned a portfolio. Not only do the committee members personally look after all the documentation and ensure the manufacturers are happy, but they personally visit the manufacturers at a meeting and review the past performance and future expectations for the show. These meetings are very important because they address problems both on our end as well as on the manufacturers end and the face to face meeting strengthens the manufacturer relationship with the school.

After the Christmas break is when things really get rolling. The Director of Training and Recruitment starts looking for team Captains & Co-Captains to manage the teams. The marketing plan is finalized and the budget is approved. Important documents are received by the manufactures, committing them to the show. The Automotive Business School of Canada has a board of directors and a strategic meeting is set with the board to review the plans for this years show. During this meeting, the tent company releases a few different site plans for the show. A perk of being on the committee is being invited to the exclusive VIP night at the Toronto Auto Show. Every vehicle is unlocked, there are food and drink stations everywhere and most importantly, you cannot get in unless you are dressed to the nines!

When the spring rolls around, things really kick into high gear. The teams are finalized, radio ads go live, the aftermarket and food vendors are confirmed and significant amounts of work goes into the infrastructure of the show. The local fire department and paramedic teams are contacted to be on site for the show and the fire department ensures all the tents pass the fire code. Other little things like the utility vehicles, fencing, radios and garbage cans are ordered from the rental company. Two weeks before the show the tents go up and parking lots are closed down, soon followed with the fencing enclosing the site plan. The move in day is a hectic mess of cars arriving off of transport trucks, detailing crews ramping up to wash the vehicles and display companies setting up the interior of the tents. When the final moment comes, the only thing left is to give a motivational speech to the teams and hope mother nature holds off from bombarding the show with rain.

Of course I am forgetting hundreds of things that are done to ensure the show is a success but the moral of the story is that the Auto Show is a huge undertaking and these four students are going to be put to the test. Despite the challenges ahead, everyone here at the ABSC has full confidence in the new committee and our duty as fellow automotive students is to support the show in anyway possible. In closing, once again congratulations to Bill, Chanelle, Shannon and Christian. To the ABSC students reading this, the auto show is an opportunity of a lifetime and I encourage each and every one of you to get involved through the role of Ambassador, Captain or Co-Captain.

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