Students develop online repository of solutions to food insecurity
October 17, 2018

Human Services and Community Safety students address tough social challenges in the Community Impact Lab at the Orillia Campus. They collaborate with community partners to develop solutions to issues like homelessness and youth disengagement.

Last year, students tackled the issue of food insecurity through a project called #NOURISH. They worked with non-profits to examine the issue through the lens of their clients and ideated possible solutions.

Their work resulted in, a collection of ideas and initiatives that individuals and organizations can pilot or adapt in their own communities.

Included in the repository are eight projects completed by the students. Among them, a pre-school social story kit, digital food map, and an ethnic food wayfinding system.

“The goal of the repository is to start local and regional conversations about food insecurity and to inspire people to take action,” says Nicole Norris, one of the instructors. “You can adapt a project, mash up a few or share what you’re doing to starve the stigma in your own community.”

This year, students will focus their efforts on social isolation.

You can be part of the movement too. Visit

Female student in black t-shirt with #SUP on front points to a board at an event, explaining her work, back of student watching her