“Luckiest dude” at Georgian a changemaker ally just a click away
July 19, 2018

Male staff member listens to student talking at an event; wearing a suitMeet Quentin Evans. Unofficially, his job title is “luckiest dude” since he says he has one of the coolest and most rewarding roles at Georgian. Officially, he’s one of two community impact project liaisons in the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation at the Orillia Campus.

“I have the privilege of interacting daily with aspiring student changemakers,” he says. “Everyone has the capacity for greatness. My passion is helping students unearth theirs.”

This year, Evans supervised teams of students who worked on projects focused on making a social impact through innovation. One of the projects was Nourish – a web repository of ideas that tackles the question, “How might we address the stigma around food insecurity?”

Evans is a known changemaker himself. He was part of bringing the Movember social movement to Canada, inspired a number of musicians to embrace social innovation through his independent record label, and co-founded the Audacity Movement at Georgian’s university partner – Lakehead University.

“Having the opportunity to integrate kindness, intentionality and positive social change at a systems level has been immensely rewarding,” he says. “I believe one can be a changemaker through macro or micro actions, and I personally strive to do both.”

Along with those project-based initiatives, Evans firmly believes that a focus on inner accountability, alongside our interactions with others, is where change can be seen and felt on a daily basis.

“I’m doing my best to shift how I evaluate my life from one based on success to one based on satisfaction. For me, there’s no authenticity, and therefore no lasting impact, if we teach one mindset and then act in another,” he explains.

Seeking support on your changemaking journey? Evans is an ally just a click away. Reach out to him with your questions or ideas.

Did you know? Georgian was designated Canada’s first changemaker college.