Matthew Campbell
February 10, 2014

alumnis Matthew Campbell stands in front of a MacBook pro in his workplace, Jump PlusI was always a bit of a computer geek, so taking a computer studies program at Georgian after high school just made sense. While I was earning my diploma, I worked at the Centre for Access, helping other students use the computer lab. As a visually impaired person, the accessibility services at Georgian were also helpful for me – things like the thermal printer, which changes images like graphs into something tactile.

When it came time to graduate, I decided to complement my diploma with a certificate in entrepreneurial studies. I’d always admired my parents, who both ran their own businesses. Over a very busy eight months, I learned how to write business plans, prepare reports, and build budgets. I also learned a lot about how businesses stay profitable.

All of that knowledge comes in handy in my current role at Jump Plus, an Apple Premium Reseller in Barrie. I work closely with customers, so I’m constantly training to increase my product knowledge. I started using Macs in 2007 because of their built in accessibility features, and today I get to help other people get as excited about Apple products as I am. I’ve also helped to make my workplace more accessible.

The best thing about Georgian is that you’re not a number, you’re a person. Your instructors aren’t just professors, you know them on a first name basis. Learning there was such a positive experience for me – it’s a school I’d recommend to anyone.