Art and Design Fundamentals alumna Eve Northmore
September 11, 2015

Georgian Art and Design Fundamentals alumna Eve NorthmoreArt and Design Fundamentals alumna Eve Northmore is a snowboarding enthusiast who uses the skills she learned at college to engage more women and girls in the sport.

Eve co-founded the Women’s Snowboard Federation (WSF) in 2006 after identifying a lack of park-focused snowboard camps for girls. It originally began as Inverno Clinics, a grassroots operation offering weekly workshops. Now, the WSF promotes the equitable participation of women in snowboarding at the coach, judge, official, volunteer, and athlete levels. It specializes in events, private clinics and personal coaching. The organization has developed, promoted and run nearly 60 events in the east and west coasts of Canada.

Eve has built partnerships with some of the sport’s leading brands such as Roxy, Billabong, Salomon, RedBull, and Under Armour. In 2014, Canada Snowboard started running the WSF’s national Women In Snowboarding program. Eve hopes that one day, Snowboard Canada will take over all of WSF’s programs to reach women and girls from the far reaches of Newfoundland to the Yukon. Although Eve’s primary passion is the WSF, she is also the co-owner of Revelstoke Property Services in British Columbia, a business which keeps her and her partner busy year round.

Eve’s advice to students or recent graduates is to work hard, remain dedicated and persevere through difficult times. In her experience, “nothing worth doing comes easy.” Achieving results takes time and is full of challenges, but for Eve it allows her to remain engaged in an industry she loves, having fun and working with like-mined people. A key element for Eve is continuous learning. She stresses the importance of reading, studying and keeping current on the relevant issues to drive forward momentum and success.