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Frequently asked questions

Review the below frequently asked questions about admissions, registration and records, and tuition billing.

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How do I know if I meet all admission requirements?

Full-time studies: Once you’ve applied to, you will receive an acknowledgement package from Georgian. In this package you will receive instructions on how to access Georgian’s Web for Admissions where you can check to see if anything is outstanding.

Part-time studies: You will be advised when you apply/register.

What if I don't meet the admissions requirements for my program?

Most subjects required for admission into postsecondary programs can be upgraded through your high school, at Georgian College or by mature student testing at Georgian.

Mature student test: If you are over 19 or were home schooled, you may write our mature student test in communications and mathematics (CPA). Please contact your nearest campus (it does not have to be the campus you will be attending.)

  • Barrie: 705.728.1968, ext. 1235 or email
  • Orangeville: 519.940.0331, ext. 5637 or email
  • Orillia (also for Midland and Muskoka): 705.325.2740, ext. 3002 or email
  • Owen Sound: 519.376.0840, ext. 2047 or email

The CPA test does not cover other requirements such as biology, chemistry or physics. There is a $30 testing fee payable in advance for each test.

Upgrading your courses at Georgian College: To obtain information on how to upgrade at Georgian College, please call one of the numbers listed above or call one of our other campus locations (Midland, Collingwood or Muskoka).

What is the Communications Placement Assessment?

Our students’ success is important to us. Students may choose to complete the assessment process to determine the college-level communications course appropriate to students’ language level, either Communications Essentials (COMM 1016) or an upper level communications course. If students choose not to complete the placement assessment, they must start with Communications Essentials. Further information is available in acceptance packages or by visiting the Communications Placement Assessment (CPA) section of our website. Even if you are not required to complete Communications Essentials, you will still be required to complete the mandatory number of communications courses to graduate from your program. The CPA test cannot grant you an exemption for graduation purposes.

I'm a mature student. Can I apply for a certificate or diploma program?

If you are age 19 or older as of the first day of classes and do not possess a high school diploma (OSSD) or the equivalent, you may be considered for admission to the college as a mature student to most programs. Mature applicants must meet all program specific prerequisite courses, including English, math, biology, chemistry and physics (if applicable). In most instances, mature applicants may be allowed to write the admissions tests for English and math in lieu of having these Ontario secondary school credits or their equivalent. Applicants are considered on an individual basis. Meeting the minimum admissions requirement does not guarantee entrance to a program. Sample questions for the English and math admissions test can be found on the CPA section of our website.

I'm a mature student. Can I apply for a degree program?

Mature applicants to degree programs must meet all of the following criteria:

  • must be 19 years of age or older by December 31 of the year of admission (21 years of age or older for BScN applicants)
  • must not have been enrolled in a formal education program for at least one year prior to the beginning of degree studies (BScN, applicants must have been away from formal education for a minimum of two years)
  • must not have any recent unfavourable academic performance
  • must have demonstrated potential for success in degree studies through academic accomplishments
  • mature applicants must possess the published subject requirements or equivalents and submit official copies of transcripts from high school and any post secondary institutions attended
  • applicants must also provide a resumé outlining work and volunteer experience since full-time attendance at school

Please note that mature student testing is not applicable to degree-level programs.

When will I hear whether I've been accepted?

Admission decisions/acceptance packages will be mailed out starting mid-February for fall intakes; mid-October for winter intakes and mid-January for summer intakes and will continue until all programs have filled. You can also check Web for Admissions to see whether you’ve been admitted (starting mid February for fall intakes).

My offer is conditional. What does this mean?

If your offer indicates “conditional,” this means you must meet the program admission requirements prior to the start of the program or we could revoke the offer. This includes maintaining your course averages/ GPAs, receiving final passing grades, completing high school (if under 19) or college/university (for graduate certificate programs), etc. For students currently attending high school, your grades will automatically be sent to us by For students currently attending Georgian College, you must maintain your program average and remain in good standing. Please check Web for Admissions for your outstanding requirements.

My acceptance has been revoked. What does this mean?

Acceptances may be revoked for a number of reasons including: conditions have not been met for final acceptance; deadline to confirm has passed, etc. Applicants will be advised if they have not met final acceptance. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further details at 705.722.1511

What if I can't pay the full tuition and fees amount?

If you cannot pay the fees in full by the due date, you may pay a non-refundable deposit of $250, or any amount more than $250. If you are an international student, the deposit amount is $2,500. If you do not pay full fees by the due date, any remaining balance for the term is due on day 11 of that term.

When do I have to let Georgian know I will be attending?

If you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance package that will include instructions on how to confirm your offer at You must confirm your offer to one program stated in your acceptance letter and at in order to hold your seat in your program at Georgian.

What if I change my mind about attending?

Once registered, students are financially responsible for their program. In order to withdraw for a refund (or to back out fee assessments if fees are deferred), students must advise Georgian in writing if they wish to withdraw from their program. The deadline to withdraw for a refund less the administrative fee is 10 days after the start of the term. This is also the deadline for students who deferred their fees to back out any fee assessments owing. Please refer to the important dates included in your acceptance package or on our website at important dates.

My program has been suspended. What does this mean?

Georgian has determined that there are not sufficient applications to successfully run this program. Applicants will be advised by letter as to their next steps. Next steps may include an acceptance to a winter intake or to an alternate program. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further details at 705.722.1511.

When are the rest of my fees due if I pay the deposit?

If you do not pay full fees by the due date, any remaining balance for the term is due on day 11 of that term. The deadlines are:

  • For summer 2021 term: May 31, 2021
  • For fall 2021 term: Sept. 21, 2021
  • For winter 2022 term: Jan. 24, 2022

Registration and records

How can I find out my student ID number?

The student ID number for full-time learners is located on your acknowledgement letter. For part-time learners, the student ID number is located on your part-time registration confirmation. Please note that student numbers will not be released over the phone by the Computer Helpdesk. If you have forgotten your student number, you will need to come to a registration office in person with photo ID* or alternatively you may email us with your full information (full date of birth, address, course or program name). We will then email you your student number.

*Please note, we are currently working remotely and no in-person service is available at time. Please contact us by email for assistance.

When and where do I pick up my student card?

Information on how to submit your photo and get your ONEcard can be found on our ONEcard web page.

I have not accessed my Banner account before. How do I activate my account?

Your login ID is your nine-digit student number. Original default pin is your birth date in YYMMDD format. Please remember to write down your user name and password and keep it somewhere safe as you will need it to log into

Be sure to Register for Password Reset via Password Manager while you know your current password.

I'm having problems logging into my Banner account. How can I get help?

Please call the Computer Helpdesk at 705.728.1968, ext. 1732 OR email Remember to include your nine-digit student number.

How can I get help navigating Banner, Blackboard and MyPath?

Helpful resources for systems are located in the Academic section of the student portal. There are also regularly-scheduled live videoconference sessions you can take part in.


When is my registration date?

Registration dates for each term can be easily found on the important dates page of the Georgian College website. To verify your specific registration date and time, select Check Registration Status in Banner. You can also watch this how-to video.

How and when do I reserve my seat?

If you have already paid a deposit for the academic year, you must reserve your seat each semester in order to register for classes. To do that, go to the Reserve your seat item under the Registration menu in Banner and indicate your plan to register for courses. Please select the appropriate term.

What happens if I don't reserve my seat?

You need to reserve your seat to be able to see your registration day and time, and to be able to register for courses. If you don’t reserve by the deadline, you may risk losing your seat in the program. Please refer to the important dates section to view your deadline.

What if I change my mind after I reserve my seat?

There is no penalty for changing you mind after you reserve your seat. Fees are not assessed to your account until you register by selecting your actual timetable or courses. If you change your mind after you have selected your courses, you would be required to submit a withdrawal form and be subject to the withdrawal and refund policy and deadlines.

When will I receive my timetable?

After you have successfully registered, you may view your timetable online at any time. Georgian College reserves the right to alter course availability as well as the right to withdraw a student from a course if the student has failed a prerequisite. For this reason, you must check to see if any changes have been made online even after you have printed your timetable. It is essential that you do this before the start of classes and again at the end of add/drop.

You may not attend any courses you are not registered in – you will not receive a grade and will be required to retake and repay for the course in a future semester. You are expected to be attending ALL courses that are showing on your timetable. If you are not attending the course (because you already took it or you are getting an exemption but it has not been processed yet, etc.), you are required to drop or withdraw from it on Banner.

You will receive a grade for every course in which you are registered, even if you are not attending.

I have taken courses before or have exemptions from another school. Why is it telling me pick them?

While the registration process will recognize courses you have taken before or have exemptions for, it will still tell you that you need to pick “one communications course” or “one General education course” because that is what is recommended for your program that semester.

If you know that you have already taken that course, do not pick one and “ok” the error message that will pop up telling you that you need one.

You are expected to be attending ALL courses that are showing on your timetable. If you are not attending the course (because you already took it or you are getting an exemption but it has not been processed yet, etc.) you are required to drop or withdraw from it on Banner.

You will receive a grade for every course in which you are registered, even if you are not attending.

I'm not following the normal program progression and/or I'm a transfer student with advanced standing. How do I determine what courses I need?

MyPath outlines all the courses you need to take to successfully complete your program. You should contact your program coordinator and student success advisor if you have any questions.

I'm supposed to be on co-op this term. Do I still need to register?

Yes, if this is a co-op semester for you, you still need to register in Banner.

What if I want to change my schedule?

Changes can be made to your timetable once Add/Drop opens (we cannot make any changes before that). See important dates for the exact date for this semester.

  • In Banner, click on “add/drop/withdraw” (the link will not be visible until the morning add/drop opens)
  • View the cheat sheet for step by step instructions
  • Make sure you check your account summary as changes to your schedule may result in extra charges

NOTICE: Currently the functionality to withdraw from courses online in Banner, is down. Please contact for assistance. Please include your name, student ID and the course name(s) and course number(s) that you want to withdraw from.

Will I have the ability to add/drop online?

Yes, you will be able to add or drop courses online. Check important dates to verify the add/drop period for each semester. If you’re a first-year student, we recommend that you seek advice from your program co-ordinator prior to dropping courses.

NOTICE: Currently the functionality to withdraw from courses online in Banner, is down. Please contact for assistance. Please include your name, student ID and the course name(s) and course number(s) that you want to withdraw from.

When is the last day to add/drop a course?

The last day to add or drop a course to receive a refund is the 10th business day from the start of classes. See important dates for exact dates. You will be able to withdraw from a course up to the 2/3 point in the semester (also see important dates for specific dates for your program.) Beyond this date, you will receive a grade for your course.

Why was I removed from my course?

You are required to check your timetable prior to classes starting to ensure you are still eligible for these courses and that the courses you’ve chosen had sufficient enrolment to run; if you’ve failed a prerequisite course, you’ll automatically be removed from ineligible courses

*Part-time students are required to pay the full amount for the course(s) at the point of registration.

Where do I get my booklist?

Once you register, you’ll be able to see your booklist in Banner by clicking on the “View booklist” link. Watch the how-to video.

You can also search for books and order them online directly through Georgian Stores.

What if I want to withdraw?

If you want to withdraw from just a few courses, you need to do this through the add/drop feature on Banner.

If you want to withdraw from the entire program, you must do so in writing, and include a signature. This can be done by filling out the withdrawal form or sending a letter. Remember: Your signature is required.

You have until 4:30 p.m. on the 10th business day of the term to withdraw and receive a refund or have your balance owing adjusted. After this date, you will be responsible for paying the full semesters fees.

Between the 11th day and the last day to withdraw, you can withdraw from your program (your transcript will show a grade of WD beside all of your courses) but you are not eligible for any kind of refund

Check important dates to see the withdrawal dates specific to your program.

What are the varying forms of remote delivery?

Room SLINE: Synchronous, meaning all students need to log on and participate at the day and time listed on your timetable.

Room ALINE/LINE: Asynchronous, meaning you can log onto the course whenever it works best for you.

Room BLINE: Bichronous, meaning your course(s) will be scheduled as synchronous, though will operate mostly asynchronously. Communicated by professor via Blackboard.

Tuition billing

I'm on OSAP. What happens if my loan isn't available by day 11?

All students must pay a deposit to secure a seat in their program. OSAP is set up to automatically remit payment to the college. If the tuition remittance is received from OSAP by the college and the full tuition amount owing is paid after the deadline but before the end of the first month of classes, the late fee will be reversed.

However, should you choose not to redirect your funds you will face a late fee if your tuition is not paid by the deadline. OSAP students will remain registered in their courses but must pay the balance of their fees prior to the end of term or will be denied access to records and/or registration.

Apply for OSAP at least eight weeks prior to the start of your academic year.

What happens if I pay my deposit, register, and then don't pay the fees on day 11?

If fees are not paid by day 11 of the semester, a late fee of $150 (domestic) or $500 (international) will be added to the outstanding amount. You will remain registered but your fees must be paid prior to the end of term/next registration period.

If I don't pay the balance, am I still registered?

Yes, students who registered but did not pay their fees by day 11 will remain registered. However, a late fee will be added to the outstanding balance in the amounts of $150 for domestic students and $500 for international students.

I'm sponsored. What happens if my sponsor doesn't pay by day 11?

Sponsored students who have secured sponsorship and provided the college with evidence prior to the tuition deadline will remain registered. No late fee will be added to their account.

I'm a Second Career student. What happens if my sponsor doesn't pay by day 11?

Second Career students who have secured sponsorship and provided the college with evidence prior to the tuition deadline will remain registered provided the deposit was paid. No late fee will be added to their account.

What if I can't pay the deposit amount?

The deposit amount is $250 for domestic and $2,500 for international students. Students are advised to plan accordingly to pay this amount in order to confirm their seat in the program.

The deposit can be paid by credit card to help offset financial costs. We cannot guarantee the seat in the program unless the deposit is paid by the deadline.

Can I pay a lesser amount than $250 (or $2,500 for international students)?

The deposit amount cannot be reduced but it can be paid by credit card to help offset costs. We cannot guarantee a seat in the program unless the deposit is paid by the deadline. Full fees are due by the eleventh day of the term.

How and when do I pay tuition?

To view your invoice, log in to the student portal and view the document hub. Additionally, you can view this amount in Banner web. The best way to pay your fees is online through your banking app. The bill is Georgian College TUITION and your account number is your nine-digit student number.

Where can I check my account summary?

You can see your account summary in Banner. Select View Account Summary by Term to identify your tuition and ancillary fees, credits and payments, and your account balance.

Find out more information on how to check and pay your fees.