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Certificates and programs
Program Title Code Campus Credential
Photography  PHTO  BARRIE   Recognition of Achievement 
Course Title Code Campus Time
Trends and Technologies  PHOT 1003  BARRIE   Daytime
Photo 1-Camera Techniques  PHOT 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Aesthetics and Criticism  PHOT 2004  BARRIE   Daytime
Adobe Photoshop  COMP 1021  BARRIE   Daytime
Visual Concepts  PHOT 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Imaging 2 - Retouching Technqs  PHOT 1009  BARRIE   Daytime
Lighting Techniques  PHOT 2001  BARRIE   Daytime
Portfolio Development 2: Photo  PHOT 2005  BARRIE   Daytime
Imaging 1 - Fundamentals  PHOT 1008  BARRIE   Daytime
Portfolio Development 1: Photo  PHOT 2002  BARRIE   Daytime
Photography: Starting business  PHTO 0059  BARRIE   Evening
Adobe Lightroom  PHTO 0065  BARRIE   Evening
Portraiture  PHTO 0066  BARRIE   Evening
Digital Camera Techniques  PHTO 0025  BARRIE   Evening
Photography: Nature and Landsc  PHTO 0054  BARRIE
Macro Photography  PHTO 0063  BARRIE   Evening
Editorial Photography  PHOT 1015  BARRIE   Daytime
History of Photography  PHOT 1011  BARRIE   Daytime
Creative Techniques  PHOT 1013  BARRIE   Daytime
Lifestyle Photography  PHOT 1014  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to DSLR Video  PHOT 1017  BARRIE   Daytime
Imaging 4 - Adv Image Creation  PHOT 2010  BARRIE   Daytime
Image Production  PHOT 1016  BARRIE   Daytime
Advanced Lifestyle Photography  PHOT 2015  BARRIE   Daytime
Imaging 3 - Compositing  PHOT 2009  BARRIE   Daytime
Advanced Editorial Photography  PHOT 2014  BARRIE   Daytime
Business Practices Photo  PHOT 2011  BARRIE   Daytime
Photographic Entrepreneurship  PHOT 2012  BARRIE   Daytime
Video Editing  PHOT 2013  BARRIE   Daytime
Introduction to Studio  PHOT 1010  BARRIE   Daytime
Advanced Digital Camera  PHTO 0073  OWEN SOUND   Weekend
Digital Camera Workshop  PHTO 0024  OWEN SOUND   Weekend
Wedding Photography Workshop  PHTO 0074  OWEN SOUND   Weekend