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Sales for Small Business MC

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Stacked micro-credential program

The Sales for Small Business stackable micro-credential program is comprised of four competency-based micro-credentials. It is designed for small business entrepreneurs and/or their employees who have expertise with the product or service they are marketing, but little to no experience in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

Participants explore the skills relating to positioning products and services as customer needs-based solutions, building virtual relationships with customers and networking across the business community, prospecting, leveraging technologies for social selling, and negotiating, closing and following up on sales.


Students obtain a digital badge after completing each of the four micro-credentials and then an overall Sales for Small Business stacked micro-credential badge attesting to the successful completion of all four.

Note: Participants are to register by the course start date and must complete the course by the course end date. Each module is expected to take up to twelve hours in total to complete but there is no time limit, as long as the module is completed by the last day of the semester.

Building Client and Business Relationships

In order to create long-lasting relationships with new or existing clients and within the business community, it is essential to be able to employ the fundamental skills related to establishing rapport, interpersonal and communication expertise and the ability to plan, carry out and follow up on meetings. This course will introduce you to the various tools, technologies, techniques and requirements for successful communications and interactions typically used in B2C sales environments.

Register for BUSN 0239.

Developing Client-focused Solutions

This micro-credential examines the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales process used in the small business environment. It is designed to help you navigate today’s evolving markets and develop or improve your entrepreneurial sales skills so that you can efficiently move customers through the sales cycle. You will learn about buyer motivation, how to work with prospects, manage your sales activities, build relationships with customers and business contacts, anticipate and manage needs, create customer-focused sales solutions, negotiate and close sales, and how to get the most out of the follow-up process.

Register for BUSN 0242.

Prospecting and Pipeline Management

By synthesizing relevant industry, marketplace and customer information, and the knowledge about your own products and services, you will be able to define ideal customer profiles and fill marketplace needs. With well-defined profiles, the knowledge gained through research and analysis, and the implementation of sound sales prospecting plans, you will be able to keep your sales pipeline full of prospective customers and potential business. This course will introduce you to the various tools, technologies, techniques and requirements for successfully carrying out the aspects of this phase of the B2C sales process.

Register for BUSN 0243.

Negotiation, Closing and Follow Up

The ability to understand how successful negotiation and closing of a sale lead to customer satisfaction are crucial to the overall success of a business. It is important to explore strategies and techniques for sales negotiations, closing a sale, and post-purchase follow ups to analyze customer insights, and assess opportunities for improvement on product or service offerings. This course will explore techniques to increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and referrals through a variety of interactive and engaging activities including role plays, videos and case studies.

Register for BUSN 0252.

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