Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing

Registered Nurse - Critical Care Nursing

Program Code
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Program requirements

  • 7 Mandatory Courses
  • 1 Mandatory Professional Practice

Program Description

Students in this program are provided with advanced theoretical and clinical knowledge to competently practice in critical care settings. A combination of classroom instruction, simulation lab practice and clinical placement are offered to advance the student’s professional nursing practice in critical care settings. Emphasis is placed on advancing critical thinking, care planning, and leadership skills.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Critical Care Nursing Clinical RNRS1076   Mandatory
Foundations of Critical Care RNRS1075   Mandatory
Mgt Burns and Renal Disorders RNRS1047   Mandatory
Mgt Cardiovascular Disorders RNRS1049   Mandatory
Mgt GI and Endocrine Disorders RNRS1052   Mandatory
Mgt Neurological Disorders RNRS1051   Mandatory
Mgt of Respiratory Disorders RNRS1050   Mandatory

Additional Info

Applicants must have up to date immunization records in compliance with the Public Hospital Act and current level HCP CPR.