Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

Program Code
Ontario College Diploma, Co-op
Barrie , South Georgian Bay , Barrie

Program requirements

  • 16 Mandatory Courses
  • 1 Mandatory Course Selection Group 1 - Choose 1
  • 1 Mandatory Course Selection Group 2 - Choose 1
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 1 Optional Courses
  • 3 General Education Courses
  • 2 Co-op Work Terms

Program Description

In this program, students focus on computer programming, web development, and designing data-driven systems. Students learn how to write code in a variety of programming languages such as Arduino, ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP and Swift. Students gain experience developing software for diverse platforms including embedded systems, desktop, mobile and mainframe systems. With a strong emphasis on business and entrepreneurial values, students gain experience in problem solving, troubleshooting and system building through a series of applied assignments, projects and co-op work terms.

Program course requirements
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
.NET Programming using C# COMP1098 COMP3029 - Introduction to C# Programming (ODE)   Mandatory
Adv Object Oriented Prog-Java COMP1011   Mandatory
Advanced Databases COMP3002   Mandatory
Client-Side JavaScript COMP1073 COMP1105 - JavaScript (ODE)   Mandatory
Computer Prg Work Term 1 COOP1005  
Computer Prg Work Term 2 COOP2002  
Computer Prg. Work Term 3 COOP3001  
Co-op and Career Preparation CPHR0001  
Environmental Concerns GNED1000  
Financial Accounting 1 (ODE) ACCT1011  
Financial Accounting 2 (ODE) ACCT1012  
HTML, CSS, & JS Fund. COMP1002   Mandatory
Human Behaviour/Workplace GNED1005  
Internet of Things - Arduino COMP1045   Mandatory
Intro Obj Oriented Prog-Java COMP1008 COMP1069 - Java Intermediate (ODE)   Mandatory
Intro to Entrepreneurship ENTR1002 ENTR1005 - Entrepreneurship (ODE)   Mandatory
Intro to Web Prog using PHP COMP1006 COMP1101 - Dynamic Websites with AMP (ODE)   Mandatory
Introduction to C++ COMP2006  
Introduction to Org. Behaviour BUSI1001  
JavaScript Frameworks COMP2068   Mandatory
Linux System Administration COMP2018  
Math for the Computer Industry MATH1003   Mandatory
Mobile Development using Swift COMP2125 COMP2133 - iPhone Application Development (ODE)  
Networking Essentials COMP1035 COMP1081 - Networking Fundamentals (ODE)   Mandatory
Programming for the Mainframe COMP2070  
Programming Fundamentals COMP1030   Mandatory
Project Management MGMT2002  
Project Management for IT MGMT2008 MGMT2019 - Introduction to Project Management (ODE)  
Relational Database COMP2003 COMP2117 - SQL Introduction (ODE)   Mandatory
Server-Side Scripting-ASP.NET COMP2084 COMP2134 - Web Application Development with ASP.NET and C# (ODE)   Mandatory
The Mainframe Environment COMP1009   Mandatory

Additional Info

To be successful in this program, students are required to have a personal notebook computer (either PC or Mac architecture) prior to the start of the program that meets or exceeds the following hardware specifications:

  • Intel I5 processor or AMD equivalent
  • 8GB of memory
  • 250GB hard drive

Additional operating systems, tools, and software used in the program are provided to the student upon commencement of the program.