What is OntarioLearn?

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OntarioLearn is a consortium of 24 Ontario community colleges who have partnered to develop and deliver online courses. Students can access their course 24/7 and learn through a combination of curriculum delivered online and through print-based texts and workbooks. All courses are instructor-led.

Online courses for a range of subjects are available to part-time and full-time students through OntarioLearn. View our equivalents chart for a full list of available courses or contact our OntarioLearn team for information about online course equivalents. Course title ending in (ODE) are through OntarioLearn.

Equivalent courses are courses that offer sufficient overlap in content that a student may register in the course to meet a program requirement. The evaluation, schedule of activities, textbooks, etc. may differ from the in-class course. All of the following courses are credit courses. Equivalencies can change.

OntarioLearn students can access their course by logging in at ontariolearn.com. Courses are not delivered through Georgian College’s Blackboard system.