Business innovation

Efficiency and savings are just some of the key benefits of simulation. The rapid ascent of the learning curve and the specialty knowledge gained are measurable through safety records and financial costs. More knowledge can be gained, in less time, without travel, in a simulation facility. For more details, please contact us directly.


  • Algoma Central Corporation
  • Sifto Mines
  • Port of Goderich
  • CSL
  • MTO
  • Canadian Forces – Navy
  • OPP
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • GLPA
  • Owen Sound Transportation Company


  • Pilotage courses
  • Pilot qualifying voyages
  • Ice navigation and harsh environments
  • Navigational Skills Assessment (NSA)
  • Quantitative assessment techniques
  • Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM)
  • Leadership and teambuilding


Procedures and methods
In order to utilize all of the capabilities of our simulation technology, we have a commitment to our investment in both IP and technology. This approach guarantees our clients the best simulation and training experience possible. Our quality management system creates oversight on all aspects of our Simulation Centre. This will cover everything from chart updates to exercise continuity and course co-ordination and integration.

Instructor training
Instructor training at the CMTR consists of an in-house training program that runs quarterly to educate and improve the competencies of our simulation instructors.

Surveys are taken from our clients and instructors on a regular basis to gain information on performance and relevance of our exercises, models and areas. This information is utilized in a dynamic feedback loop to improve our systems, capabilities and deliverables.

Electronic chart folios
Electronic charts in our systems are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure they remain pertinent to real-world circumstances. Major changes can be made immediately to any area on an ad hoc basis.

System backups and redundancies
All exercises, areas, vessels and objects are backed up and removed for off-site storage on a quarterly basis. This ensures continuity and succession planning.

All networks and systems in the CMTR Simulation Centre follow standard industry guide lines for security. All simulators and networks are isolated from the internet. Only simulator employees with the appropriate permissions are allowed access to the system. No students are allowed to access the system at any time. USB drives are used only by CMTR employees with permissions.

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