Current courses

2018 Marine program guide

NOTE: MED A3 has undergone a name change and is now MED SDV-BS.

Course Title Code
STCW Advanced Firefighting  MARI 0185 
MED Domestic Vessel Safety  MARI 0186 
MED Ref Officers (BS+PSC+AFF)  MARI 0198 
MED Domestic Vessel Safety - O  MARI 0209 
Electronic Positioning System  MARI 0225 
Marine Advanced First Aid  MARI 0231 
Small Vessel Operator Proficie  MARI 0079 
Sim Electronic Nav Ltd  MARI 0088 
Sim Electronic Navigation 2  MARI 0102 
Sim Electronic Nav 1A  MARI 0003 
ROC - MC Full  MARI 0019 
Sim Electronic Nav 1B  MARI 0103 
Oil/Chem Tanker Familiarizat'n  MARI 0146 
General Operator Certificate  MARI 0107 
STCW Basic Safety  MARI 0184 
VPWSR (Security)  MARI 0194 
Leadership & Mgmt Skills  MARI 0213 
Leadership and Teamwork  MARI 0226 
MED Refresher Ratings (BS+PSC)  MARI 0199 
STCW Prof in Survival Craft  MARI 0183 
Marine Basic First Aid  MARI 0121 
PPS 1 Watchkeeping Practice  MARI 0170 
PPS 2 Ship Mgmt Practice  MARI 0171