Research Analyst Learn from expert faculty and gain hands-on experience. Be ready for your exciting career in market, social or public policy research.

General information

Program code
3 Semesters (1 Year)
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Work integrated learning
1 Internship

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2019 Barrie
Winter 2019 Barrie

Program description

This program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and professionalism necessary to conduct applied research in sectors such as marketing, tourism, media, government, public affairs, education, health, non-profit and social service agencies. The program provides students with hands-on experience and focuses on the entire research process. Students will formulate research questions, develop research designs, collect information from primary and secondary sources, perform data analysis, interpret results, communicate findings, and develop strategic recommendations. Additional features of the program include an emphasis on traditional and emerging qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the use of technology, effective communication processes, and adherence to professional and ethical standards.

Why study Research Analyst at Georgian?

Canada’s longest running research professional training program, established in 1991

Refine your skills on the job with a 12-week internship placement

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A 12-week internship in term three provides on-the-job learning and practical exposure to the research industry. Employers may be:

  • specialized research supplier firms
  • educational institutions
  • public health agencies and hospitals
  • municipal, regional, provincial and federal government
  • private “client-side” corporations
  • social service agencies

Our extensive network of alumni, companies and industry associations makes it possible for us to support students in securing an internship connected to their program outcomes. Students will be competitive for internship opportunities through coaching and support on developing effective resumes, cover letters, portfolios and interviewing skills.

Network with more than 600 program alumni

Apply your learning by undertaking real-world projects for clients

Flexible and fast
Start in September or January, enter the workforce in just nine months

Pursue careers in applied social research, marketing research, or program evaluation

Small class size
Get personal attention from staff who are interested in your success

Maximize your quality of life with a low cost of living or easy commute to Barrie

Career opportunities

Career opportunities are available in a variety of public, private and non-profit organizations. Graduates have research skills to seek employment in research for marketing, social planning, media, advertising, tourism, human resources, education, needs assessment, and program evaluation. Employers include market research firms, private corporations, consulting groups, municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, educational institutions, social agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Admission information

Admission requirements

Three year college advanced diploma or university degree, or equivalent. Typical specialties include: psychology, sociology, business, marketing, political science, anthropology, history, tourism, communications, education, health, or philosophy.

Selection Process

Applicants will be asked to submit a current resumé and letter of interest to the program co-ordinator.

Admission decisions will be based on academic grades, resumé and letter of interest.

Admission details

Complementary to the learning outcomes, graduates of the Research Analyst Program will have a sense of confidence and competence that enables them to function effectively in a research setting by demonstrating many of the following skills and aptitudes: intellectual curiosity, critical inquiry, problem solving, creativity, initiative, practical experience, negotiation, professionalism, team work and leadership.


Mandatory courses

  • RAPP 1001 - Survey Design and Analysis (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1003 - Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1005 - Qualitative Research (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1013 - Market and Social Research Tools and Techniques (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1014 - Report Writing and Presentation Skills (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1016 - Research Project Management Skills (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1000 - Population and Demography (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1007 - Advanced Statistical Procedures (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1010 - Spreadsheet and Table Management (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1015 - Professional Workplace Communication (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1017 - Data Evaluation, Integration, and Reporting (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • RAPP 1018 - Capstone Major Research Project (Semester 2 / 42 hours)

  • RAPP 1012 - Research Analyst Internship (Semester 3)