Marine Engineering Management
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General information

Program code
2 Semesters (1 Year)
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

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Program description

Students are presented with material designed in co-operation with Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS), and Canada’s shipping companies. Content material includes the academic portion of the TCMSS Engineering Officer Education Training (EOET) program for senior engineering officers. Students develop the knowledge, skills, and professionalism expected to function as part of an engineering team at the management level.

NOTE: This is a Transport Canada designated program.

Career opportunities

The graduate of this program may find a rewarding career as a ship’s engineering officer managing commercial vessel operations throughout Canada and the world. This program may lead to career advancement to senior ranks on board ships and to positions of leadership in the marine industry.

Admission information

Admission requirements

Applicants must meet ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for admission to this program:

  • Graduates of a Marine Engineering Cadet Training Program in Canada, (Georgian METC graduates meet this requirement), or
  • holders of a Certificate of Competency as a Marine Engineer issued under the STCW Convention, or
  • equivalent level of knowledge demonstrated through an interview and portfolio of experience

Note: applicants seeking transfer credit or advanced standing from other programs may be considered on an individual basis 

Admission details

This program delivers the academic portion of the TCMSS Engineering Officer Education Training (EOET) Program for senior engineering officers. Further courses in engineering knowledge subjects and simulator training are also available at Georgian College.

Students interested in obtaining TCMSS engineering certificates must comply with legal requirements. These may include proof of Canadian Citizenship or proof of permanent resident status and a valid medical certificate and marine emergency training. Refer to Canada Shipping Act Marine Personnel Regulations for details.

International applicants must sign a letter to acknowledge that Transport Canada does not issue Marine Certificates of Competency (Marine Licence) to non-Canadians.


Program-specific Courses

  • MEMG 1000 - Advanced Thermodynamics
    (Semester 1 / 80 hours)
  • MEMG 1001 - Advanced Applied Mechanics
    (Semester 1 / 64 hours)
  • MEMG 1003 - Automation and Control Systems 1
    (Semester 1 / 80 hours)
  • MEMG 1010 - Power Plant Auxiliaries Management
    (Semester 1 / 144 hours)
  • MEMG 1011 - Steam Plant Management
    (Semester 1 / 96 hours)
  • MEMG 1004 - Automation and Controls 2
    (Semester 2 / 64 hours)
  • MEMG 1005 - Ship's Business and Maritime Law
    (Semester 2 / 48 hours)
  • MEMG 1006 - Naval Architecture
    (Semester 2 / 128 hours)
  • MEMG 1007 - Electrical Machines Management
    (Semester 2 / 144 hours)
  • MEMG 1012 - Motor Plant Management
    (Semester 2 / 128 hours)