Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Golf Management) The only degree of its kind in Canada. Three international trips. Unique co-op opportunities.

General information

Program code
8 Semesters, plus 3 work terms (4 Years)
Honours Bachelor Degree
Work integrated learning
3 Co-op Work Terms

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2019 Barrie

Program description

This program provides students with a degree-level education in business management with an applied focus on the golf industry. Students will develop the knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, methodologies, current trends, theoretical approaches and assumptions to manage effectively in the golf industry. Graduates are prepared to think critically and innovatively, and to professionally apply business management skills.

Golf Management students discuss their experience

Emilie and Marcus are about to graduate with four-year Honours Bachelor Degrees in Golf Management. They sat down with Program Co-ordinator Tim Zado to talk about the Golf Simulator Lab, their trip to St. Andrew's Old Course in Scotland, and the impact of co-op on their career plans. Georgian College offers two Golf Management programs: Golf Facilities Operations Management (two-year diploma) and the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (four-year degree).

Why study Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Golf Management) at Georgian?


  • Positions such as general manager, clubhouse manager, director of golf, golf professional, food and beverage manager and many off-course industry-related careers.


  • Scotland and Florida excursions included in tuition
  • Field trips to numerous golf properties, associations and manufacturers plus playing privileges at many area golf courses


  • Unique co-op structure (three paid co-op work terms) prepares grads for management positions in the golf industry
  • Co-op opportunities across Canada, the US, UK, Asia and beyond - with dedicated co-op co-ordinators to assist in job search

Connected faculty

  • Instructional staff of widely connected industry experts

Golf lab

  • State-of-the-art indoor golf instructional lab (Trackman, HD Golf Simulator, V1 teaching software, Quintic putting analysis)

Unique curriculum

  • Industry-specific courses
  • A solid foundation in business with courses in finance, marketing, management, economics and law
  • Pathways to master's programs at several universities
James Skrypec (left) and then world #1 Ranked golfer Luke Donald at his 2011 co-op at Castle Stuart Golf Links, Scotland
Student James Skrypec (left) meets former world top-ranked golfer Luke Donald while on his co-op at Castle Stuart Golf Links, Scotland.
A large group of golf course owners and students pose together
The class of 2013 proudly hosted the National Golf Course Owner's Association.

PGA of Canada recognized program

  • The Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BAGM) is a PGA of Canada recognized program
  • BAGM graduates who are members of the PGA of Canada will achieve their Class "A" status*

* In order to qualify for Class "A" status consideration, a student must receive a minimum grade of 70% in each course that relates to its equivalent course or courses in the PGA of Canada Training Academy.
* Graduates are also required to complete three PGA of Canada delivered modules: Instructor of Beginner Golfers and evaluation, Career Literacy and Career Mapping.

Note: The granting of Class “A” status is the sole responsibility of the PGA of Canada. Students and alumni requiring further information are asked to contact the PGA of Canada directly.

PGA Canada

Career opportunities

This program prepares graduates with a sound basis in the theory and skills necessary to be effective in the workplace and to remain current in their field as they accept rising levels of responsibility and accountability. Specifically, graduates may find employment as General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Directors of golf/club operations, Head Golf Professionals, Associate Golf Professionals, Pro Shop Managers, Events Managers, Golf store retail managers, Golf equipment manufacturers sales representatives, Golf finance / human resources / marketing specialists.

Admission information

Admission requirements

OSSD or equivalent with

  • minimum overall average of 65 per cent
  • six Grade 12 U or M level courses
  • Grade 12 English U
  • Grade 12 U level Mathematics

Mature applicants may also be considered for admission to this program providing their previous school performance and/or recent work record suggests a strong possibility of academic success. In order to qualify, applicants must be 19 years of age by December 31 of the year of admission and must have been away from formal education for at least one year immediately prior to beginning studies. Mature applicants must meet subject prerequisites prior to registration.

Applicants should be aware that first-year enrolment is limited; satisfying minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission.

Selection Process

Selection is based on academic grades and subject prerequisites; applicants must meet minimum averages to receive final acceptance.

Admission details

This college has been granted consent by the Minister of Training Colleges and Universities to offer this applied degree for a five-year term starting June 25, 2015. The college shall ensure that all students admitted to the above-named program during the period of consent will have the opportunity to complete the program within a reasonable time frame.

Non-core courses are required in all degree programs to meet the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities benchmark for depth and breadth in degree-level learning. These courses are designed to give students the tools to develop interdisciplinary perspectives that inform their approach to their own discipline, their continued education and their life outside work.

Students are required to take: at least one first year interdisciplinary course (INTS1xxx); two introductory courses in their choice of disciplines outside their main field of study, which may include psychology (PSYC 1000 or PSYC 1001), social science (SOCI 1000), humanities (HUMA 1012), or science (SCEN 1000); one advanced course in a discipline (ex. PSYC3xxx, SOSC3xxx, HUMA3xxx), and; one upper level interdisciplinary course (INTS4xxx). These courses and any remaining non-core course requirements to be selected from the program list.


  • BSNS 1003 - Business Communications (Semester 1)
  • GLFD 1000 - Golf Etiquette and Game Improvement (Semester 1)
  • GLFD 1001 - Rules and History of Golf (Semester 1)
  • MRKT 1000 - Introduction to Marketing (Semester 1)
  • Non~core Courses (Semester 1)
  • INTS 1002 - Introduction to Multidisciplinary Research (Semester 1)
  • PSYC 1000 - Introduction to Psychology 1 (Semester 1)
  • COSC 1000 - Computer Studies for Managers in Golf (Semester 2)
  • ECNM 1000 - Microeconomics (Semester 2)
  • GLFD 3001 - Agronomy for the Golf Industry (Semester 2)
  • MRKT 1001 - Consumer Behaviour (Semester 2)
  • MRKT 1002 - Marketing (Semester 2)
  • Elective Non~Core Courses (Semester 2)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 2)
  • ACTG 1000 - Introduction to Accounting (ODE) (Semester 3)
  • BSNS 4004 - Principles of Networking (Semester 3)
  • ECNM 1001 - Macroeconomics (Semester 3)
  • GLFD 2000 - Golf Etiquette and Game Improvement 2 (Semester 3)
  • MATS 2000 - Business Mathematics (Semester 3)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 3)
  • ACTG 2000 - Accounting Applications (Semester 4)
  • BSNS 2001 - Ethics for Business (Semester 4)
  • GLFD 2003 - Sales Concepts and Applications for the Golf Industry (Semester 4)
  • GLFD 3002 - Pro Shop Retail Management (Semester 4)
  • MNGM 1000 - Leadership (Semester 4)
  • Elective Non~Core Courses (Semester 4)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 4)
  • BSNS 2004 - Organizational Behaviour (Semester 5)
  • FINC 3001 - Financial Measurement and Analysis (Semester 5)
  • HRMG 4000 - Human Resource Management (Semester 5)
  • JURI 1000 - Legal Aspects in Golf Management (Semester 5)
  • MNGM 2001 - Project Management (Semester 5)
  • Elective Non~Core Courses (Semester 5)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 5)
  • BSNS 4001 - Service Excellence (Semester 6)
  • FINC 3003 - Corporate Finance (Semester 6)
  • HSPM 3000 - Food Service Operations Management (Semester 6)
  • MRKT 3001 - Marketing Analysis (Semester 6)
  • PSYC 3000 - Applied Sport Psychology (Semester 6)
  • Elective Non~Core Courses (Semester 6)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 6)
  • BSNS 3000 - Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan (Semester 7)
  • BSNS 3002 - Innovation Leadership (Semester 7)
  • GLFD 4001 - Golf Course Design and Construction (Semester 7)
  • HSPM 4000 - Food Service Control Systems (Semester 7)
  • MNGM 1001 - Management Principles (Semester 7)
  • Elective Non~Core Courses (Semester 7)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 7)
  • BSNS 4002 - Business Policy Capstone (Semester 8)
  • GLFD 4002 - Golf Club Administration and Governance (Semester 8)
  • HSPM 3001 - Event Management (Semester 8)
  • MNGM 4001 - Inspiring People for / to Exceptional Performance (Semester 8)
  • MNGM 4008 - Management of Service~Based Organizations (Semester 8)
  • Select 1 course from the available list during registration. (Semester 8)
  • COOP 1024 - Golf Degree Work Term 1 (occurs after Semester 2) (Semester 8)
  • COOP 2019 - Golf Degree Work Term 2 (occurs after Semester 4) (Semester 8)
  • COOP 3011 - Golf Degree Work Term 3 (occurs after Semester 6) (Semester 8)