Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science - Environmental Sustainability (Specialization in Ecosystem Management) Degree with Environmental Technician Diploma It's the best of both worlds, college and university combined! Get your degree and diploma in just four years. Graduate job-ready.

General information

8 Semesters (4 Years)
Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree, Environmental Technician Diploma

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Start date Campus
Fall 2018 Barrie

Program description

This four-year degree-diploma combination is offered by both Lakehead University and Georgian College. Upon completion, you will receive both an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science – Environmental Sustainability (Specialization in Ecosystem Management) Degree from Lakehead University and an Environmental Technician Diploma from Georgian College.

The degree-diploma combination provides a theoretical and applied framework that complements the practical skills and scientific knowledge necessary to understand and monitor complex environmental systems. The specialization in ecosystem management will allow you to select additional topics complementing the degree-diploma including, but not limited to, forest ecology, plant taxonomy, field schools, environmental impact assessment, biogeography and conservation geography, soil science, environmental biomonitoring, geomatics, forest disturbance and recovery, and ecological restoration. You will be provided with opportunities to develop advanced lab and field skills that will allow you, as a graduate, to meet and adapt to the growing demands of a career in the environmental sciences.

Pending final approval

NOTE: Use the code AKX when applying to the program through OUAC.

Admission information

Admission requirements

Program Specific Requirements for Ontario High-School Students: Grade 12 U English, one credit in Grade 12 U Math and four additional Grade 12 U or M credits

For more information, please visit Lakehead University at http://www.lakeheadu.ca/future-students/admissions

Admission details

This program is offered in partnership with Lakehead University. The first two years of the program will be taught at Georgian’s Barrie Campus and the final two years at Lakehead Orillia. To apply, please visit the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre at http://ouac.on.ca.


Semester one – fall 2017 (Barrie)

Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
Plant Biology
Quantitative Methods for the Health Scientist
Canadian Forest Plant Species
Computer Technology for Environmental Applications

Semester two – winter 2018 (Barrie)

Animal Biology
Crust of the Earth
Inquiry into Environmental Methods
Environmental Thought and Policy
Introduction to Technical Mathematics
Workplace Safety and Employment Readiness

Semester three – fall 2018 (Barrie)

Introductory Ecology
Introduction to Applied Chemistry
Water Treatment
Environmental Management Systems and Audits
Environmental Law and Policy
Soil Properties
Environmental Surveying

Semester four – winter 2019 (Barrie)

Introduction to Geomatics and GIS
Applied Organic Chemistry
Waste Management Strategies
Environmental Assessment and Contaminants in the Environment
Environmental CAD
Wastewater Treatment
Summer 2019 (online)
Environmental Economics

Semester five/six – fall 2019/winter 2020 (Lakehead Orillia)

Field School in Environmental Sustainability I
Aquatic Resources Planning and Management
Inquiry into Environmental Conservation
Environmental Biotechnology
Environmental Assessment and Management or Energy and the Environment
Biomonitoring of Environment
Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resources
Biology of Microorganisms

Semester seven/eight – fall 2020/winter 2021 (Lakehead Orillia)

(Seminar in Environmental Sustainability and Research in Environmental Sustainability) or Honours Thesis in Environmental Sustainability
Field School in Environmental Sustainability II
Freshwater Ecology
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Materials, Manufacturing and Waste
Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis
Plant Ecology of Disturbed Habitats or Restoration Ecology
Environmental Biology