Parking at the Barrie Campus

Georgian has a new parking service delivery model at the Barrie Campus to improve the customer experience. Improvements include:

  • multiple payment options
    • monthly permits
    • daily and hourly passes available via HonkMobile (app and kiosks)
    • staff can still pay through payroll deduction for annual passes
  • removal of the parking lot gates which will reduce lineups at exit
  • a more efficient and user-friendly method to purchase parking passes via HonkMobile
  • reduced risk of an expired parking pass when paying for hourly parking – your pass can be
    extended/topped up via HonkMobile (Honk will send an auto-notification directly to your phone 15 minutes before your pass expires)

The new parking system uses a plate recognition system – so you need to ensure your plate information is up to date in the parking system. A Georgian vehicle will have cameras mounted for scanning plates to ensure parking permits are valid.

Monthly, semester and annual parking

  • Monthly and annual permits can be purchased or renewed online or from the Parking office.
  • Ensure your current plate is listed on your parking system profile.
  • There is no change to current payment options.
  • Parking cards must be kept if needed for multi-campus use. If a new card is required, it can be purchased at the Parking office.

Hourly and daily parking

  • Payment must be made immediately upon arrival.
  • Hourly and daily permits can be purchased one of two ways:
  1. Via HonkMobile. Android and iPhone users can download the free Honk app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. At a HonkMobile kiosk (for electronic payments) located in:
    • Sadlon Centre for Health, Wellness and Sciences (M building)
    • Automotive Business School of Canada (H building)
    • University Partnership Centre (K building)
    • Student Life Centre (J building)
    • Founder’s building (B building)
    • Centre for Engineering Technologies (A building)
    • Helen and Arch Brown Centre for Design and Visual Arts (D building)
View the map of HonkMobile kiosks

Parking gates and cards

If you currently have a parking card and require multi-campus access, keep your card and it will continue to work at other campuses with parking gates.

If you are new to the Barrie Campus and require multi-campus access, you’ll need to purchase a parking card from the Parking office.

Regardless of your campus location, all parking permit holders will need to update their profile on the parking portal.

Parking tokens and discount codes

Parking tokens will no longer be accepted or required at the Barrie Campus ONLY. Tokens can continue to be used at all other campuses that currently accept parking tokens. Tokens from the Barrie Campus are not valid at other locations.

If you require complimentary parking for conference visitors, guest speakers, or other VIPs, please fill out the request form. The Parking office will provide you with codes that you can provide to your guest(s) to enter into HonkMobile.

For events like convocation and Open House, where all parking spaces are considered open to guests, Campus Parking will not patrol the lots during the requested time period and the mobile payment application will not accept payment.

Warnings and violations

If your licence plate is not in the system or not readable you could get a citation.

If you do not update your parking profile the plate recognition system will scan all vehicle plates on the Barrie Campus, and your plate could be flagged and subject to a citation if it’s not in the system. It’s very important to ensure that your plate information is up to date in the parking system (for monthly or annual parking passes) or registered in the HonkMobile app (for hourly or daily parking).

Under MTO requirements, everyone is responsible for ensuring their plate is visible and readable. Unreadable plates will be flagged by the plate recognition system and a citation could be issued.

Barrie Campus Parking FAQs

Can I pay for parking with my ONEcard?

The ONEcard payment option will be available in fall 2018.

Can I still pay for parking at the Parking office?

Yes. You can pay for monthly or annual parking passes at the Parking office.

All hourly and daily parking passes should be paid via HonkMobile or at a HonkMobile kiosk or pay-by-plate machine (located in select buildings) upon campus arrival.

I pay for my parking on an annual basis through payroll deduction. Do I need to do anything?

There’s no change to your current payment plan but you still need to ensure your current plate information is up to date in your profile in the parking system.

I have more than one vehicle plate number on my account. How can I make sure the correct vehicle is being scanned each time?

You can add multiple vehicles to your Georgian profile or HonkMobile account. When paying by phone, you can pick the plate of the vehicle you’re parking on the Barrie Campus at that particular time. For faster checkout, you can set a plate as your primary vehicle so it will be selected for you automatically. Please note that only one plate per permit is permitted on site at one time.

What if I need to bring a rental, or different car to work that is not registered? Can I register same-day for a temporary car?

You can update your profile at any time. However, if someone else gets a ticket in the future with that plate, it will be flagged to your account. If you need to register a temporary vehicle, it’s best to call the Parking office at ext. 1230 to make arrangements.

Are there any limits to the number of plates/cars you can register?

No. Please note that only one plate per permit is permitted on site at one time.

Can I get a citation if my licence plate isn’t readable or not in the system?


Will there be a “grace” period for flagged licence plates while the new system is being implemented?



How can I download the new HonkMobile payment app?

Android and iPhone users can download the free Honk app in the App Store or Google Play.

Does the app work on all mobile devices?


How do I sign up?

Once you’ve downloaded the HonkMobile app, you can sign up with four pieces of information:

  • email address
  • mobile phone number
  • plate
  • payment information

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

A payment method isn’t required to sign up for a HonkMobile account. However, you’ll need a valid VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, Masterpass or PayPal account to pay for your parking session. You can add as many payment methods as you like.

How can I find out if my daily or hourly parking pass was processed?

Once you’ve paid for parking, HonkMobile will email you a receipt. You can view all your transactions by visiting the receipts page in your profile.

What if I pay for parking for the wrong plate?

Mistakes happen. Please make another purchase immediately with the correct license plate so you don’t get a citation, and email both invoices to They will refund the first purchase.

How does parking enforcement know I’ve paid?

HonkMobile provides Georgian with a real-time list of paid plates. You don’t need a ticket stub or receipt on your dashboard.

I received a parking ticket but I paid by phone. What happened?

HonkMobile will ensure Georgian receives the most up-to-date information for paid plates, but mistakes can happen. If a ticket is issued incorrectly, please contact the Parking office.

Can I be reminded that my parking pass is expiring?

Definitely. HonkMobile can send you a text message 15 minutes before your pass is about to expire. If you’re running late or need more time, you can easily extend your session right from your phone.