1. What is a ONEcard?

ONEcard is the official Georgian student card, and is your personal identification while on campus. Its features extend far beyond a simple ID – it’s your library card, athletics centre card and now a convenient payment method for select campus vendors all in one! See all locations that accept the ONEcard 

2. Who can get a ONEcard?

All currently registered (full-time and part-time students) and Georgian employees are eligible for a ONEcard. Full-time students receive a card based on paying their tuition/ancillary fees. Part-time students can purchase a card.

3. Are there terms and conditions I need to be aware of?

Yes! Your use of the card constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions

4. What do I need to get a ONEcard?

To obtain a ONEcard, you must:

  • Have a valid student number/employee number
  • Provide government photo identification (for example, driver’s license, passport)
  • Be registered in the current or upcoming school term (for students)

A replacement fee will be charged for lost or stolen cards.

If your card is lost or stolen once the card is replaced, your old card will no longer work to access (and subsequently spend) your Flex Dollars.

5. How do I get a ONEcard

Have your ONEcard ready for you upon your arrival. Upload your photo now to save time and avoid lineups. Your ONEcard will be mailed to you home address up to two weeks before your semester start date, after that they will be available for pick up at your campus.

Upload your photo now

6. How do I add money to my ONEcard?

Find out about adding Flex Dollars using Visa or MasterCard credit card. 

7. If I add Flex Dollars to my ONEcard online using a credit card is it considered a purchase or a cash advance?

Adding funds to your ONEcard Flex Dollar account will be processed by your credit card provider as a purchase. Enjoy the feature of earning rewards (if applicable) using your credit card to purchase Flex Dollars for your ONEcard 

8. What should I do if I lose my ONEcard?

De-activate your ONEcard to protect your Flex Dollar balances using the de-activate card feature. Alternatively, you can visit the Office of the Registrar’s Welcome Centre (Barrie Campus) in person or contact us by phone at 705.728.1968 ext. 1756, during regular operating hours. Please do not leave a voice mail message for a card de-activation request.

De-activate card your card now.

9. Can my supporters/parents/family members/friends add Flex Dollars to my ONEcard account?

Yes! Your family, friends and supporters can add Flex Dollars your ONEcard balance at any time using Visa or MasterCard by logging on to the secure ONEcard website.

Supporters will need to know your student ID number and your date of birth to make a contribution to your ONEcard.

Parents do not have access to other ONEcard account information (balances,  transactions, etc.).

10. Who do I contact for more information?

Visit us in person at the Welcome Centre (Barrie).

Call: 705.728.1968, ext. 1756

Email: onecard@georgiancollege.ca

11. Where can I spend my ONEcard Flex Dollars?

The ONECard Flex Dollar account can be used at the following on-campus locations:

  • Georgian Stores  – Barrie, Orillia, Owen Sound
  • Chartwells – all café outlets (excluding Midland)
  • Tim Hortons (Barrie, Orillia)
  • Subway (Barrie)
  • The First Class Café (Barrie)
  • The Den (Orillia)

Coming soon to ONEcard Coca-Cola vending machines!

ONEcard cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, prepaid credit/gift cards, transit passes, postal services or lottery tickets. Cash withdrawals are not permitted.

12. Are Flex Dollars refundable?

Your ONEcard account balance does not expire and will automatically carry over to the next semester. Refer to the terms and conditions for details on eligibility for refunds.

13. How can I check my balance on my ONEcard?

You can view your balance online via ONEweb.

14. Can I withdraw money from my ONEcard account?

No. Cash withdrawals are not permitted using your ONEcard.

Refund requests are accepted when a cardholder graduates, withdraws or leaves the college. Refer to the terms and conditions for further details.

15. Replace your ONEcard

To replace your ONEcard, you will need to visit one of the following ONEcard locations:

  • Office of the Registrar’s Welcome Centre (Barrie)
  • Office of the Registrar (Orillia)
  • The Library (Owen Sound)

We require valid government-issued photo identification (driver’s licence, passport or Canadian citizenship card) to issue replacement cards. A replacement fee will be applied.

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