The paper cup problem
April 10, 2015


The problem:

  • Georgian campuses use over 3 million paper cups a year.
  • Paper cups are clogging our waste disposal bins and lowering our landfill diversion rates.
  • If you throw your cup in a recycling bin, the entire contents of that bin are contaminated and end up in a landfill.

The solution:

  • Bring a reusable mug to campus. You’ll save 10 cents on your campus beverage every time!
  • Take the #GCKilltheCup pledge to stop using paper cups.
  • Spread the word by tweeting or instagramming a selfie with your reusable mug, hashtag #GCKilltheCup. You could win a $300 Georgian Stores gift card.
  • If you DO buy a paper cup, recycle your lid and sleeve – and put the cup itself in the garbage.
  • Take part in Georgian’s Earth Day campus cleanups
Laura Robert from the Environmental Technology program holds a reusable mug

Laura from the Environmental Technology program and her reusable mug