Students gain entrepreneurship skills and more helping innovative startup
May 11, 2015

A group of students smile at the camera, one with a green and white stuffed animal in her lap.Blair and Jean Leggett started One More Story games armed with Blair’s 14 years’ experience in the gaming industry and an exciting idea: allow people to gamify their books and stories online.

They realized they could use some help building their program, StoryStylus, and reached out to Georgian College to see if they could get some Computer Programmer students on board.

Georgian, recognizing a valuable opportunity to see an innovative startup take off, sent five students to work at One More Story Games. Since then, 11 more students have worked there. The students gain mentors, exceptional experience and entrepreneurial skills.

“What’s best about the partnership with Georgian is that we’re offering hands-on coding and programming experience at a games studio that students won’t get elsewhere,” explains Leggett. “They have an amazing time, learn a lot, and get really excited about the product.”

With StoryStylus, users can bring their imagined adventures to life. They use the software to create characters, develop worlds, customize audio elements and more. People can read and play their way through the stories.

“We’re immensely proud of the work,” says Jean. “We’re pioneers in this field, which is so frustrating and so exciting at the same time.”

One More Story Games is working with authors around the world to create, publish and sell interactive stories for the web, Facebook and tablet. StoryStylus will be available in wide release by August 2015. Demo stories are available at their website.