Faculty, staff, students and alumni come together in lawn roller print extravaganza
March 16, 2015


A woman and a man hold up a large print in an art studio.The Fine Arts department embarked on a one-day large-format printmaking experience on Friday, March 13, bringing together faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Using a water-filled metal lawn roller in place of a printing press, the groups of nine artists hand-pulled their over-sized prints – a result of inking sheets of plywood that they painstakingly carved. Following the ancient tradition of woodcut prints, this group has given the process a contemporary twist, pushing the boundaries and going past technical limitations.

Tim Laurin and Tamara Benoit spearheaded this project and invited other artists associated with the college to participate, hoping to create an event that allowed mentors and students to work side by side.

“We are all artistic colleagues and I want to show the students that our involvement goes beyond the traditional instructor/student relationship,” said instructor Tim Laurin.

Printmaking Technician Tamara Benoit said, “After a long winter, we all want some fun in our day, and this is it.”