Avery Konda receives Co-op of the Year Award
June 15, 2017

Young man bent down in a garden at Georgian's Barrie CampusA trip to India in November sparked an entrepreneurial idea that quickly built momentum. Avery Konda, president of the Georgian College Students’ Association in Barrie, returned home with a vision – to address food insecurity and ensure no student at the college goes hungry.

Through an eight-month entrepreneurial co-op he founded Growing Georgian, an on-campus garden that provides students with sustainable and nutritious food alternatives while promoting conscious consumption, ethical growing practices and the resurgence of a local food economy.

In recognition of his outstanding efforts, Avery was recognized with the 2017 Co-op of the Year Award.

Nick Laferriere, Growing Georgian Garden Co-ordinator, will continue to move the project forward. He’s working locally in the Barrie and extended area to encourage more community involvement, partnerships with sustainable businesses, and student-led changemaking opportunities.

Avery will be back overseas next month – this time in Germany – to spread awareness of Growing Georgian through Global Citizen.

​Did you know? Georgian is Ontario’s #1 co-op college.

We have the most Ontario college students enrolled in co-op programs and the highest percentage of programs with co-op.

6,200 employers partner with Georgian to offer student work experiences.

Georgian is the only Ontario college with programs accredited by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education; this represents the highest standard of achievement for co-op programs in Canada.