Photography grads help humanize homelessness
June 10, 2014

Black and white photo of elderly hands writingNew images by four recent graduates are being added to the Visibly Unseen exhibition, an ongoing partnership between Georgian and the David Busby Street Centre that works to build understanding and dispel myths around poverty and homelessness in our community.

Jessie Reid, Kevin Miller, Ally Campbell and Melissa Bazo – who finished the Digital Photography and Imaging program at Georgian in April – each contributed two new images to the travelling photo collection.

To take the images, student spent many hours getting to know people at the Busby Centre. “Asking people to share their story, let alone in front of a camera, is no easy task,” explains photographer Ally Campbell. “What stuck out to me then was not just their individual stories, but the active part that each participant played in each other’s lives, and the sense of community we all felt being there.” black and white photo of someone's hands at a piano

The new pieces are being unveiled at an Open House the evening of Friday, June 13 at The Edge Gallery in downtown Barrie, where they can be viewed from June 10 to June 21.

“Photography is about being able to identify the big picture, then reduce it to a few poignant images,” says Colette Mesdag, an instructor in the Digital Photography and Imaging program at Georgian College and the curator of The Visibly Unseen. “This collaborative project between our program and the David Busby Street Centre is an excellent example of that kind of creative story telling.”

The black and white photos aren’t just of Busby Centre participants, they’re also of support team members and volunteers. They showcase what makes the centre’s work so valuable, both to its clients and to our community.

“The students participating in this project benefit in so many ways,” says Mesdag. “They get viable photo journalism work experience, expand their real knowledge of the community around them, and make a difference.”