Occupation-specific language training helps Canadian newcomers prepare for careers
July 03, 2014

Help is here for new Canadian residents who need language and communication skills to succeed in the labour market. Specialized training is being offered by Georgian College this fall at the Barrie Campus.

Occupation-Specific Language Training (OSLT) is a free program that teaches language and communication skills specific to certain sectors and occupations. OSLT is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Georgian is offering two programs. The first, OSLT for Business, begins Nov. 24, 2014. The second, OSLT for Technology, begins Jan. 5, 2015.

“OSLT is for those who are internationally trained or have previous work experience in their field but are experiencing communication barriers while trying to find work in Canada,” says Pat Whittington, Government and Employment Programs.

Students practise dialogue and communication tasks commonly performed in their field to learn the specific language and communication skills necessary to build a successful career in their field.

Whittington says past program participants have increased confidence in spoken English and knowledge of workplace culture, which has helped them in interviews and networking situations.

Participants must be permanent residents or protected persons and have English skills at an intermediate level (Canadian Language Benchmarks 6 to 8) in at least one language skill area. They must also have training or experience in specific occupations or industries.

The business course runs Nov. 24 to March 19, 2015. Participants meet Monday and Thursday evenings, and there is an additional six hours of online work. This course is for those with training or experience in running their own business, sales and marketing, accounting or finance, hospitality or project management.

The technology course runs Jan. 5 to March 27, 2015 and participants meet Tuesday evenings in class. The remaining six and a half hours of coursework is completed online. This course is for those with training or experience in architectural, engineering, environmental or information technology.

For details, email oslt@georgiancollege.ca or call 705.728.1968, ext. 5329.