Georgian VP and deans take on ALS ice bucket challenge
August 27, 2014

A group of academic staff from Georgian College midway through dumping cold water on their heads.

Vice President Baldev Pooni and other academic colleagues are the latest Georgian employees to shiver through the challenge. From left to right: Baldev Pooni, Vice President, Academic and University Programming; Marion Lougas, Campus Principal, Owen Sound Campus; Nina Koniuch, Associate Dean, School and Health and Wellness; Barb Watts, Associate Dean, School of Business; Cass Thompson, Dean, School of Health and Wellness; Sean Madorin, Associate Dean, School of Health and Wellness; Anita Arvast, Professor, University Partnership Centre; and James Smith, Associate Dean, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.

Over the last few weeks, several groups of Georgian staff and faculty have taken part in the ALS ice bucket challenge, raising funds to combat the neurodegenerative disease.

Many, including VP Baldev Pooni, Dean Cassandra Thompson, and Owen Sound Campus Principal Marion Lougas, dumped ice water over their heads in front of a crowd at the Barrie Campus. Here’s a video of their exploit.

Professor Lance Triskle filmed his cold water episode, and staff from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Academic Excellence have even gone so far as to challenge Col. Chris Hadfield to take part.

For more information on ALS, and to donate, visit

A large group of Georgian Stores staff, sitting on a curb and wincing as the water pours over them.

Staff from Georgian Stores, including one yogi (left), close their eyes as the cold water comes down.