Georgian Golf degree students spend Study Week in sunny Florida
March 03, 2015

Two guys in golf shirts sit in a yellow Mickey Mouse golf cart.Study Week for 48 Bachelor of Business – Golf Management (BBGM) students was spent in sunny Florida. Both first and second-year students enjoyed warm weather, friendship, golf, and of course, furthering their golf industry education.

Highlights of the first-year itinerary included presentations from the director of operations of Walt Disney World Golf, representatives from Core Golf Education, executives from the Jack Nicklaus Group of Companies with a focus on Nicklaus golf course design, and a day spent watching the world’s elite golfers compete in a round of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic. Other activities included sampling Jack Nicklaus ice cream the day before it was launched to the public, playing a match against the Core Golf students, and experiencing some of Florida’s top golf courses.

The second-year BBGM students followed a completely different itinerary. Their trip was the completion of the course Golf Etiquette and Game Improvement II. Their week was dedicated to course work, fitness, instruction, self-reflection, increasing their golf-based knowledge, and as the title of the course suggests, improving their own respective golf games.

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