Georgian College finalizes stand-alone procedure and protocol on sexual assault and sexual violence
March 31, 2015

Georgian College has finalized its stand-alone procedure and protocol on sexual assault and sexual violence and it is now publicly available on the college’s website.

Building on existing policies and practices at the colleges, the procedure and protocol provides precise definitions of sexual assault and sexual violence, sets standards for reporting and responding to incidents of sexual violence, and establishes processes for complaints and investigations.

It also includes measures to ensure that people who make complaints are protected from reprisals, retaliation or threats. As well, it includes provisions to ensure that confidentiality is strictly observed.

College presidents voted unanimously in November to create a stand-alone protocol that would be available at all colleges by March 31. A draft version was publicly released in January and there have been consultations throughout the province to finalize the document.

Individual colleges and Colleges Ontario have consulted with students and student leaders throughout Ontario. There have also been consultations with legal experts, the Ontario Women’s Directorate, OPSEU, government officials and others.

This effort supports the action plan on sexual violence announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne on March 6. Ontario’s colleges are currently working on next steps, including new education and training at the colleges and the development of new awareness and prevention initiatives.