Field trip complements in-class learning
October 18, 2013

A group of architecture students stand in front of the Collier building

Students were very appreciative of Mady for hosting the tour and for the knowledge they gained. They hope to return at a later date to see the construction as it progresses

First-year architectural students visited the Collier Centre on Oct. 16 as part of a field trip for the Construction Practices: Methods course.

They met at City Hall where Mayor Jeff Lehman spoke to them about the city’s approach to development and how the Collier Centre came into being. David Mady of Mady Developments then spoke to students about the project and answered questions before the students were given a tour of the site.The tour was hosted by Dennis Bacon of Mady Contracting along with David. Dennis reviewed some of the construction issues they had to deal with on such a tight site and how they were phasing the construction to counter these issues.

Course instructor Howard Dewsbury explained to students the more technical details of forming the reinforced concrete walls and columns, and the shoring methods used.