Students show off dynamic projects at Innovation Showcase
December 04, 2014

Chris Naismith and Zac Holloway stand in front of their "smart mirror" - with key information displayed on the reflective surfaceA mini-computer that shows sports scores, an automatic cat food dispenser and a remote control car that follows voice commands through an android phone were among the 18 student projects presented at Georgian College’s Innovation Showcase held Dec. 3.

Computer studies and technology students demonstrated some of their most intriguing ideas focusing on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship before a panel of judges. Chris Naismith (left) and Zac Holloway’s Smart Mirror, featuring an embedded web browser that allows you to access information while getting ready in the morning, garnered both the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Award and the Innovation Award.

The showcase, which is open to the public, is a great venue for students to connect with local business owners and entrepreneurs.

“There are a lot of opportunities for both co-op employment as well at joint business collaboration through these events,” says Ross Bigelow, Computer Studies Co-ordinator.

The next Innovation Showcase will take place in May.

A video of the Innovation Showcase can be found at