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Your policy number is 163391. Your “employee identification number” is your nine-digit student number.

The health and dental plans were approved by student referendum and as a result are now a requirement of your enrolment at Georgian College through your membership in the Georgian College  Students’ Association (GCSA) . The plans provide protection and security for eligible students, minimizing the effects of injury or ailments. The cost of the plans is included in your institutional fees provided you meet the eligibility enrolment criteria.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are registered as a full-time student with a minimum of four courses per term
  • You meet the full-time criteria for your program
  • You are residing in Canada
  • You are under the age of 70
  • Students in apprenticeship programs are insured against accidental benefits only (see accident benefit brochure)
  • Students with a disability: Students who are taking a part-time course load but are considered full-time by the institution may be eligible to opt in to the student health and dental plans. Please contact the GCSA Student Benefits Plan office for further details prior to the applicable deadline for your semester period of enrolment.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are eligible for the student health and dental plans, please contact a Benefits Plan office prior to any applicable deadlines.

  • Fall 2015 – $230 (for 12-month coverage period)
  • Winter 2016 – $186.04 (for eight-month coverage period)*
  • Summer 2016 – TBD (for four-month coverage period)

*Returning fall co-op students and other eligible programs in the winter semester will be assessed $230 (as the coverage started in the fall).

  • All coverage information is available here.

Eligible claims can be submitted to Great-West Life one of three ways:

  1. Online
  2. Benefits Plan office
  3. Mail: London Benefit Payments, 255 Dufferin Ave, London, ON, N6A 4K1
  • To obtain your benefit card, please download it. You may print or email the card. A card will not be mailed.
  • New eligible students will be added to the plan approximately the first 45-60 days of the semester – please keep your receipts for eligible expenses incurred during this time period for submission to the insurance carrier upon completion of the enrolment process.
  • Returning eligible students may continue to access the plan without disruption by using their benefit card or by submitting reimbursement claims directly to the insurance carrier.
  • Simply present your benefits card at eligible services and ask if they can bill directly to the insurance company. If they are not able to, pay out of pocket and submit eligible receipts online for reimbursement. This can be done at
  • Should you choose to waive your student coverage, you can do so online by completing the one-time online opt out. To opt out, please see instructionsSorry, we cannot make exceptions or extensions for students who fail to complete the online opt out prior to the application deadline.
  • No. Your opt out will carry forward as long as you have not had any interruptions in your full-time academics or missed co-op registrations on Banner. This is a one-time opt out, should you choose to opt out of the plan(s), your opt-out information will carry forward as long as you remain an eligible student at Georgian College. You may confirm your opt-out status prior to the applicable deadline by contacting your campus Benefits Plan office.
  • Yes, you have one opportunity each year to purchase family coverage for your spouse and/or dependent(s) by completing the online family add-on application form and paying the family coverage fee.
  • Applicable deadline:
    • September intake deadline – Sept. 30
    • October returning co-op student deadline – Oct. 30
    • January intake deadline – Jan. 30
    • May intake deadline – May 30

Please contact a Benefits Plan office for fees.

  • All waivers and family add-on application forms must be received by the applicable deadline. Sorry, we cannot make exceptions.

Benefits Plan office locations

  • Barrie – Room B119
  • Orillia – Printing Services
  • Owen Sound – GCSA office
  • South Georgian Bay, Orangeville, Midland and Muskoka – please contact the Barrie Benefit Plan office


Phone: 705.728.1968 ext. 5299

myWellness, information, education, resources

One in five students suffers from symptoms of a mental illness. You don’t have to go it alone.

myWellness is your central resource providing access to mental health and wellness information on-campus, in the community, and online.

For immediate 24/7 assistance, please call the Simcoe County Crisis Response Service Line at 705.728.5044 or 1.888.893.8333.


Georgian Food Locker is the on-campus food bank for Georgian College students.

Operated by Georgian College  Students’ Association (GCSA), the Food Locker supplies groceries in emergency situations to financially challenged students with one week’s worth of food.

How can I get food?

If you are a financially challenged student who is in an emergency situation and requires food, please apply by selecting your campus below and filling out the form. You’ll get a response with the number of a locker and a lock combination somewhere on your campus. You’ll have 48 hours to visit the locker and pick up the food.

How can I donate?

Donations of non-perishable food, baby products and hygienic supplies are welcomed in the library, GCSA office and various departments within each campus. Financial donations can be left at a GCSA office. Money helps contribute to grocery store gift certificates for fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy. If you have any questions, please contact GCSA VP Internal.

2014-Food-Locker-Poster-GCSA-Georgian College

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

Once a request is filled, you MUST pick up your food from the designated locker within the 48-hour period listed. If not, your food will be re-shelved and you will lose the request.

GCSA welcomes donations. There is a box located outside the front door in B-Wing that is available for food drop-offs.

Note: We try to help as many students as possible. We ask that you adhere to the limit of two Food Locker requests a month, at an interval of once every two weeks. We cannot fill requests beyond this limit. 

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

The Orillia Campus Foodlocker is run by the Georgian College  Students’ Association. Enough non-perishable food will be provided for an individual to have one to two weeks’ of food.

How it works:

  1. Students fill out the request form below.
  2. GCSA fills a bag of food, places it in a locker with a lock on it, and emails the student the locker number and combination. It is completely anonymous.

How to donate:

Donations of non-perishable food, baby products, hygienic supplies, animal supplies and cleaning products are welcome in the Library, GCSA office and staff lounge.

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

GCSA welcomes donations. There is a box located outside the front door in B-Wing that is available for food drop-offs.

To place a request, simply complete the form below.

Ally campaign

The Ally campaign ran for the fall 2012 semester, creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for the Georgian College community through the power of awareness and education of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community. This was done through many different forums, all of which provide awareness and education. The primary method is through the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) awareness and education seminars.

So what is the LGBTTIQQ2SA community?

  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Transsexual
  • Transgendered
  • Intersex
  • Queer
  • Questioning
  • Two spirited
  • Ally

And what is an Ally?

An Ally is a friend and supporter of the LGBT community, someone who is knowledgeable, understanding, courageous, caring, and much more.

The awareness and education seminars provided participants with information about the LGBT community and the importance of and need for Allies. Seminars covered terminology, statistics and effects on the community, how to be an Ally, and local Ally resources.

Over 1,400 people at Georgian College attended the seminar to learn more about the LGBTTIQQ2SA community. The seminars provided a safe and positive atmosphere where participants discussed issues freely and learned what it means to be an Ally. If you need more information, please contact

Read the detailed report on the position and its reception at the school. 

Ally symbol

The Ally symbol sends a strong message. It tells others that the individual has attended an awareness and education seminar and is proud to be an Ally and supporter of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community.

Ally Logo There were two rewards for participants of the seminar. One is a proof of participation, which acts as a document indicating the individual has attended the full hour seminar. This can be very useful for co-op jobs, placements or full-time jobs to show one’s diversity and inclusiveness

The second reward is an Ally sticker, which is primarily distributed to staff and faculty of Georgian College, but was made available to students upon request. This sticker is intended to be put up on an office door, desk or window, indicating that the individual is an Ally and their workplace is a safe place for the LGBTTIQQ2SA community.

What is your responsibility as an LGBTTIQQ2SA Ally?

  1. Never assume someone’s sexual orientation
  2. Do not be invasive and insist upon knowing what someone’s sexual orientation is
  3. Speak out about discrimination and harassment
  4. Challenge homophobic jokes or slurs
  5. Be empathetic, caring and non-judging
  6. If someone needs further help or assistance, direct them to someone else who can help (check out the Resources section for more information)
  7. Simply be a friend and approachable


Here is a list of resources on campus or in the community:

Attention all upcoming Georgian College graduates: 

Capture your great achievement with some grad photos for a lifetime of memories.

Photographers will be at the Barrie Campus on June 21

Your sitting will include a minimum of 8 unique poses, both traditional as well as some fun styles if desired. Choose from 25 different backgrounds or upload your own. Gowns, roses, mortarboard, and graduating hoods will be provided on the day of your shoot. Photographs can be viewed and ordered online. Don’t miss this great opportunity for Professional Graduation Portraits!

To sign up, visit the studio website, and enter georgian in the school ID.

About this offer

The Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA) has partnered with Microsoft to offer full-time, current students the latest version of Microsoft Office suite, including:
–          Office Professional Plus 2013 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and more)
–          Office for Mac 2011
–          Windows 8.1 Pro

You’re entitled to download this software from the day you register for courses, to the day of your last exam this semester. Click here to get started. Use your student number and Blackboard password to log in.


How did the GCSA pay for this?
The students’ association uses student fees to pay for this program.

I’ve already got Microsoft Office, can I get some of my student fees back?
Unfortunately not. Your student fees support many initiatives that help improve the student experience at Georgian.

Does the offer expire?
You have from the day you register for courses to the last day of your exams this semester to take advantage of this offer. Once you’ve downloaded the program it’s yours to keep. You’re eligible for all upgrades that come out while you’re a full-time student. Once you graduate you will no longer receive free upgrades.

Where do I find the PIN to make it permanent?
If you have downloaded the program and it is telling you that it will expire in 30 days, or has expired, the pin to make it permanent can be found under My Account on the website.

Can part time students/faculty pay into this offer to receive it?
Due to how the fees are processed this is not an option.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
• Problems with your LOGIN ONLY-
• Need a new copy because of a new computer/virus- or 1.888.396.1447
• Failed download- or 1.888.396.1447
• Can’t find the download- or 1.888.396.1447

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