Do you have a passion or interest you want the chance to share with others?

Think about joining a club — or even creating a club if it doesn’t already exist!

To join a club listed below, just click the contact info provided to the right of it. For any questions about any of these clubs, please email GCSA VP Internal Jake Chevrier or call 705.728.1968, ext. 5338.

To create a club, just complete the Clubs and associations package and drop it off to GCSA VP Internal Jake Chevrier. If you have questions, come in and ask Jake, email him or call 705.728.1968, ext. 5338.

To renew an existing club you can download and complete the Club and associations renewal package and drop it off to Jake Chevrier in the main GCSA office (A162) at the Barrie Campus.

Current clubs/associations


Canadian Society of Club Managers – Student Branch (CSCM-SB)

The CSCM creates great clubs through excellence in professional club management in the Canadian Club Industry. We aim to promote and develop the profession of club management by providing information and education to members, including career opportunities and networking forums.

CICE Social Club

To get students to interact with one another in a social setting. We provide a social, friendly, and inclusive environment for students who are interested in getting together in a social setting.

CE (Culture Exchange) Club

We offer a common platform in the form of on-campus events for students and staff to come together, broaden their minds, and experience culture from across the globe.

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EAP/International Dragon Boat Club

This club provides EAP/international students the opportunity to experience and develop team building skills through participation in a competitive team event, promotes opportunities for interaction with and integration into the larger community, and provides opportunities for volunteerism through fundraising for our very own scholarship fund for EAP/International students.


The Georgian Environmental Activism Research club. Although not yet fully renewed, students who are interested in promoting environmental awareness and activism, and seek to advance sustainable initiatives on campus and throughout the community of Barrie.  (Looking for executives.)

Georgian Advertising Association (GAA)

The purpose of the Georgian Advertising Association is to raise awareness and donations for local charities and organizations in the Barrie area, while maintaining a professional image with practical skills  taught in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. The Georgian Advertising Association has been in existence for 15 years and will remain a staple association for the students of the ADMC program for years to come.

Georgian Anime Club

The Georgian Anime club is about bringing Anime and Japanese culture to campus, whether it is through anime/manga, food or other hobbies. Anyone with an interest in Anime or Japanese culture, or who would like to experience something new, is welcome to join.

Georgian College African Caribbean Association

Globalize, diversify and promote cultures with a main focus of the African and Caribbean culture, which could create and promote friendliness among students and active members.

Georgian College Electric Vehicle Racing Club

The goal of the Georgian College Electric Vehicle Racing Club, or EV club for short, is to design, build, test and race an electric vehicle. The vehicle is a single seat, 3 or 4 wheel car, massing about 150kg, and powered by a 12 volt deep cycle car battery. The EV club team builds a new car every year which they enter into a race which is hosted by the University of Waterloo in June. Information on the race can be found at

Georgian College Equestrian Club

Mandate: With the long-term goal of becoming a varsity team, we hope to be a part of the Ontario University Equestrian Association (OUEA) and compete against universities, practise at local farms and become the first college to be a part of the OUEA. We are looking to get fellow equestrians together and create friendships while competing!

Georgian Fire Students’ Association

To have a positive impact on the Georgian community, both on campus and in the local Barrie area, as well to promote the fire public education and life safety. We believe this club will create a stronger bond between the Georgian Fire students to enhance the student experience.

Georgian Gender Equity Council

The Georgian Gender Equity Council is a group that works to educate and eradicate stereotypes and bias surrounding gender. We aim to bring fair opportunity to students and create stronger individuals and pay tribute to those who have done so before us and for those breaking the molds.

Georgian Grizzlies Bowling

To provide weekly recreational bowling opportunities for students to promote a balanced campus lifestyle. This club allows both domestic and international students to get out, socialize and enjoy the local community. There are also themed nights for staff, varsity athletes and international students, so be on the lookout!

Georgian Pride

Committed to promoting and creating a safe and inclusive environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) community. Georgian Pride aims to create change through awareness and education by organizing various events, workshops and activities.

Indian Students’ Association

The Indian Students’ Association aims to help all Indian students come together and perform various activities which will further help in the progress of Georgian College. As well, to get connected and participate in different events to represent different communities from India, and many other cultures/backgrounds.


To allow Snow Resort Operations (SRO) students the practical experience of running a ski industry event. Utilizing skills in administrative, marketing and operations departments.

Junior Muskoka District Chef’s Association (JMDCA)

To promote activities and events for the school and community using chef skills taught by Georgian College.

Makers’ Club

Created with the purpose of establishing a place of creative learning in technological innovation and training. In the spirit of open source technology, all Georgian students are welcome to join. The Makers’ Club recently received a $250,000 donation to go toward a brand new club room!

The League of Extraordinary Gamers

A social gaming tabletop group allowing for disconnects from electronic devices and encouraging interactivity, ideas, decompression from stress, and meeting new people.


The Christian Fellowship club meets Tuesdays in Room M114 at 7-9 p.m. Thrive Christian Fellowship is a non-threatening, welcoming environment for college students. It is meant for those looking for a group of Christians to hang out with, for people who are exploring Christianity, and for those who just need people to be with. We welcome all and we desire to spread the love of Christ to all.

Timothy Christian Students’ Fellowship

To get Chinese students in Georgian College together to study the bible and to strive to help freshman in the college with their needs on life and studies.

Victor’s Charity Group

We are a club comprised of students in the Communicative Disorders Assistant program. Our mandate is to raise awareness and funding in support of Georgian College alumnus, Victor Musowa, in his mission to provide speech, language and hearing therapy to all children in his community of Malawi, Africa. All funds raised will help the AbleKids Rehab Clinic in Malawi gain access to food, equipment and the facilities required to provide services to those in need. (See

Winter Warriors

To meet other students at Georgian College who share an interest in skiing/snowboarding. This club is a way for students to forget about the stress of school for a short period of time, and have some fun. Enjoy the winter!

The following clubs have be established in the past and are in need of a President to get up and running again.

If you are interested please contact GCSA VP Internal

Georgian College Chess Club

Georgian College Dance Team

Georgian Gaming Club

Georgian Teixeira Racing Club


Email for info

Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club, or create a club if it doesn’t already exist!

Current clubs/associations:

  • Child and Youth Worker (CYW) Task Force
  • Justice and Public Safety Institute (JPSI) Task Force
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Spirit Club
  • Everyone for Equality (E4E)
  • ASL (Sign Language)
  • Creative Café

Email Orillia GCSA  for a full list of clubs and associations on campus.

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