Co-curricular mini-grants

Overview and Purpose

Funded by the Georgian College Students Association (GCSA) the Co-Curricular Mini-Grants Program (CCMG) is designed to:

  • Spark collaboration between students, staff and faculty by providing funding and resources to develop innovative co-curricular projects and activities.
  • Deepen student learning by generating new co-curricular opportunities that are focused on complementing the learning that occurs both inside and outside the classroom
  • Build community by establishing new (and strengthening existing) on-campus networks and off-campus partnerships

Funding Available (NOTE: Final grant funding is contingent on the 2016-2017 budget allocation process)

During the 2016-2017 academic year grant awards will be up to $500 per project/activity. Once the funding envelope has been depleted students will be invited to re-apply in the next fiscal year.


Defining Co-Curricular Learning

For the purposes of this grant, co-curricular learning is defined as learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom. This learning can take place in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • involvement in student organizations and leadership positions;
  • engagement with civic, community service, and service-learning opportunities;
  • participation in activities and programs that promote health and wellness;
  • attendance at lectures and workshops;
  • involvement in cultural and social enrichment events; and other interactions between members of the Georgian College community and beyond.

In many instances, this learning is also closely connected to the curricular learning objectives of an academic course. In all instances, co-curricular learning grants will not be awarded if the student is receiving a course grade or mark for the project or activity.


Selection Criteria

Project proposals will be reviewed by GCSA and selected for funding according to the following criteria:

  1. The project must support three different learning competencies outlined on the Activity Submission Form – Co Curricular Record (see Appendix I for more details).
  2. The project must demonstrate a clear benefit to the College community and provide opportunity for co-curricular learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom.
  3. The project must be completed within an established timeline. All project funding must be spent on or before March 31, 2017.
  4. The budget should be planned as a cost-effective use of grant funds and other College resources and should not duplicate existing activities or programs.
  5. The project must be a new initiative or an expansion of an existing program or project. Priority will be given to new and innovative projects that focus on partnership building (on-campus and/or off-campus), creative collaboration and a positive contribution to the community.

Please note:  GCSA and its affiliated businesses and departments will not be eligible for this funding.