Tom’s Blog – President’s Cup Preview #2
September 27, 2013

Tom Schellenberg - 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business - Golf Management

Tom Schellenberg – 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business – Golf Management

by Tom SchellenbergAssistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and 2013 Alumni – Bachelor of Business, Golf Management

As I predicted, last week was action packed, filled with excitement, and a 92 hour work week for me. The golf course is now the busiest I have ever experienced as we are only two weeks away from the start of the President’s Cup. There has been increasing amounts of play from members and their guests along with a number more people dining at the club in the evenings. This has made for long days as we all try to get through these weeks while simultaneously preparing for the President’s Cup.

The amount of structures and tents put up by the PGA is increasing by the day. There are considerably more tents on the course than ever seen at the Memorial Tournament because of the scope of the event. The first tee is surrounded by an amphitheatre of grand stands, replicating the feeling of playing in the President’s Cup to all of those who are playing now. Although all of this action is going on, the course has remained in absolutely pristine condition. The superintendant continues to get the course ready for television cameras and is looking forward to some reduced play next week.

This week all of the managers are trying to finalize their schedules as we are nailing down the details of the tournament and what services are going to be offered to the players. Scheduling has been a significant task for all of us because this is our first President’s Cup and therefore there is a sense of eagerness and curiosity of what the week will actually bring. Therefore it has been crucial for all of us to work together and communicate so that our operation is flawless and we can eliminate the possibility of any mistakes.

The surrounding community has been immersed in President’s Cup hype as hotels book up, dinner reservations are made, and the entire area gets ready for a week full of people. Streets near the golf course are lined with flagpoles advertising the President’s Cup, and in the heart of downtown Dublin, flags advertising the event are hung to bring more attention to the event. This event will be a great economic multiplier for Dublin and the city of Columbus as it brings in an amazing influx of tourists to the area and spikes the spending in these areas immensely. Dublin has a lot of practice with hosting the Memorial Tournament every year and therefore has proven to be a hospitable location for the event. However with the PGA controlling most of the set up for this event it has been a different experience than everyone has grown accustomed to with the Memorial Tournament.

As we progress into the advance week of this prestigious event there will be reduced guest play. This will help give me the chance to focus on having all of the important presentation details in the locker room ready. I will be receiving all of the credentials for my staff and putting together President’s Cup packages for all of them to receive to ensure that everyone has all of the information they need. I have organized a staff meeting for the Sunday before the event so that everyone can receive their credentials and any questions about the President’s Cup can be answered.

There has yet to be any PGA TOUR professionals in the area but we expect to be seeing them later into next week when the real excitement begins. They will all be staying outside of Dublin but will spend the majority of their time on the course practicing, in the personal team assigned villas building chemistry, and using the fitness center before and after golf. Lastly, security has started to make its presence with police officers scanning the entire premises and 24 hour patrol around the course. Security will be a huge deal because of the potential high profile dignitaries that may attend the event.

Next week I will update you on how the advance week to the tournament goes and the player’s arrival! It should be a fun week!

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Tom Schellenberg is the Assistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and a 2013 graduate from the Bachelor of Business- Golf Management program at Georgian College.

Tom is a young man filled with tremendous ambition for the life and career that lay before him. His focus in the golf industry and dedicated work ethic have lead him to experience some of the top golf clubs in the world. Tom’s burning passion for traveling the world with a purpose will undoubtedly drive him to a life full of fulfillment, success, and happiness.