Tom’s Blog – President’s Cup Day Three
October 07, 2013

Tom Schellenberg - 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business - Golf Management

Tom Schellenberg – 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business – Golf Management

by Tom SchellenbergAssistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and 2013 Alumni – Bachelor of Business, Golf Management

After a long rain delay in the middle of the second round matches, everyone was forced to arrive at the golf course in the dark early morning. Players arrived on their shuttles to the golf course around 5:30am this morning in order to get warmed up to finish their second rounds as soon as the daylight took over the golf course. We had put huge lights up on the driving range and putting green to make it possible for the players to warm up in the pitch dark. When the players got off the bus they all looked ready to go despite having to wake up in the very early morning. We all managed to have everything ready for the players and sure enough the first match teed off at 7:30am. Watching the players warm up under the lights with the daunting grand stands behind them was spectacular. Every shot the ball was intensely illuminated against the dark sky and it made it easy to really watch the different ball flights of their shots.

Today’s goal was to finish the second round matches as well as the two rounds scheduled for today. However as rain hit us three times in the first twelve holes, play was suspended once again to let the course drain properly. This has now been a rain delay in all of the first three days of play with more rain in the forecast tomorrow. In the past three weeks we have experienced very little rain and Ohio is known for beautiful weather in the fall. This amount of rain in this first week of October is more than the course has seen in the last ten years combined! It is very common for Muirfield Village to get heavy rainfall during the Memorial Tournament as well and I have learned that this is because of the Leather Lips curse. There was an Indian burial ground on the grounds at the time of developing the course that was disrupted during construction. Everyone in the area believes this is why we notoriously get rain at every PGA event that is played here. Currently, the players are remaining positive that we will get all of the matches in as they head back out for the final round of the day.

There has been little interaction with the players today because they have had to been on the course for the majority of the day. However I was able to talk a lot with the trainers of the players as they intensely watch the action on the television of the fitness center. The trainers all hang out in a group together until their players need to be warmed up or are feeling injured in any way.

Play was finally suspended about half way into the last matches of the day. After the players come off the golf course they all go to the team designated cabins where the whole group hangs out, eats food, and has drinks. Walking into the villas tonight was a site to see. All of the players in each cabin are laughing and carrying on with one another. Everyone seemed to be having a blast as they indulge a little before heading back to their hotel. The players, most of their wives, and caddies are all together at this point and it really feels like a party atmosphere in the team cabins. You can see the team spirit in all of the players when they make fun of each other back and forth and genuinely seem to enjoy each others company. The Captains, Nick Price and Fred Couples are right there with all of the players the whole way through which is a big contribution to how well the teams bond over the week. For me being a golfer it makes me think of what it would be like going away to golf for a week with all of my best friends. . . A complete blast! Just like the trip to Scotland that the BBGM program at Georgian College took my classmates and I on in my third year.

Tomorrow we will be finishing off the last matches from today at 7:30am which means another pitch dark practice session under the lights. We all pray for the rain to stay away tomorrow so that the players can have a fun final day. I can’t wait for Sunday of the 2013 President’s Cup!


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Tom Schellenberg is the Assistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and a 2013 graduate from the Bachelor of Business- Golf Management program at Georgian College.

Tom is a young man filled with tremendous ambition for the life and career that lay before him. His focus in the golf industry and dedicated work ethic have lead him to experience some of the top golf clubs in the world. Tom’s burning passion for traveling the world with a purpose will undoubtedly drive him to a life full of fulfillment, success, and happiness.