Tom’s Blog – President’s Cup Day Two
October 07, 2013

Tom Schellenberg - 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business - Golf Management

Tom Schellenberg – 2013 Alumni, Bachelor of Business – Golf Management

by Tom SchellenbergAssistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and 2013 Alumni – Bachelor of Business, Golf Management

This morning the air was still as the flags lining the driveway were motionless; reflecting the tranquil golf course awaiting the 2nd round matches. The sky was grey most of the morning until the players arrived and the clouds parted to make way for a beautiful sunny day. The place felt absolutely perfect for the 2nd round matches to begin as the fans started rolling in the gates to set up spots behind their favourite players on the range. The teams came in on their designated shuttles around 10:30am as the first tee times weren’t until 1:10pm.

Although the tee times were later in the day I managed to stay busy keeping PGA TOUR Commissioner, Mr. Finchem, and his executives happy and personally delivering things to the Nicklaus house. Mr. Nicklaus has a great presence that really emulates when he is around the golf club. His legacy in the golf world is built around his reputation as the best golfer to have ever lived; only continuing to get stronger with his contributions to the game. This allows his presence alone to be an impact on all of the staff to ensure perfection in their work. Just to witness the respect every PGA TOUR player gives Mr. Nicklaus behind the scenes is a testament to how much he has accomplished.

Before their tee times the majority of the players come into the fitness center and work with their trainers to get ready for the round. Some players do more of a physical workout and others just loosen up. Jordan Spieth has seemed really determined and focused all week; it’s clearly paying off. The youngest player ever to play in a President’s Cup, Jordan has done a fantastic job at withstanding the pressure and performing well in the first two rounds. Based on his confidence I think he will only get better this week. It is amazing to be in the gym and casually interact with the players because they are all completely normal great people. Keegan Bradley is always wearing the most fashionable shoes with personal branding to match his outgoing fun style.

The day started off so beautiful but then the rain clouds came storming back in and caused another weather delay. Unfortunately this suspended play long enough to stop some of the matches from finishing. This is going to make for a big day tomorrow as the players will try to finish today’s matches and then play two more rounds of matches. I will be here for 5 am tomorrow as we are going to have the range open with lights on for the players to warm up before the head out to the course as early as possible. I am looking forward to a big day of golf tomorrow and we are all praying that the weather does its part. If the second matches end as they are now then the scores will stand at the USA Team with 6.5 points to the International’s 5.5 points. Looks like it will be a great weekend!

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Tom Schellenberg is the Assistant to the General Manager at Muirfield Village Golf Club and a 2013 graduate from the Bachelor of Business- Golf Management program at Georgian College.

Tom is a young man filled with tremendous ambition for the life and career that lay before him. His focus in the golf industry and dedicated work ethic have lead him to experience some of the top golf clubs in the world. Tom’s burning passion for traveling the world with a purpose will undoubtedly drive him to a life full of fulfillment, success, and happiness.