CarProof Canada comes to ABSC
September 19, 2013

Automotive Business School of Canada students were fortunate enough to have CarProof Canada conduct an informative presentation in Rowntree Theatre last tuesday. Leading the talk was Paul Maiorana, a Vice President with CarProof and supporting him was Callie Murphy, an Account Executive and Alumni of the school. The Rowntree theatre was packed with eager automotive Students looking to gain insight into the industry of vehicle history reports.


Paul opened the floor up right away to the students, asking ice breaking questions and getting a feel for how educated the group was on the subject. Callie wasted no time handing out T-shirts to the students that could answer the questions correctly. The presentation then flowed into the basic history of CarProof. The company started in 2000 as strictly a lien searching company. A lien is a debt on the vehicle that must be paid back before the lien is discharged. An example would be a finance company having a lien on a vehicle because it was the finance company that purchased the vehicle for the customer. There was also a demand from dealers who frequently purchased vehicles from other provinces and what was needed was a detailed vehicle lien and collision history report that contained information from all 13 Provinces and Territories. The development of comprehensive vehicle history reports expanded the company, in fact CarProof has been nationally recognized for it’s impressive corporate growth. Paul was quick to remind everyone that CarProof is a fully Canadian company with the ability to service clients and the general public in both French and English.

“You can’t stand behind ignorance because if your customers know, you should know. You are the professional.”


Paul knows the challenges that car dealers face to remain competitive in todays automotive landscape. “Dealers need to buy at the right price and sell at the right price.” They also need to “sell it properly which means disclosing properly.” CarProof is just the tool for the job. Paul and Callie reviewed the impressive features that a CarProof report includes. The most popular features are the accident reporting & lien search aspects, however other features including registration information, importing records and odometer readings add additional value to the report. “No one is going to pay top dollar for a vehicle with an accident. A vehicle that is clear is going to command a higher dollar.” Unfortunately, many customers attempt to trade in damaged or stolen vehicles without disclosing that information to the dealer. Without a vehicle history report, the supposed “clean” vehicle taken in on trade could later be discovered to be damaged or even written off completely. Paul has no sympathy for dealers who simply hope their vehicles are clean. “You can’t stand behind ignorance because if your customers know, you should know. You are the professional.”

“No one is going to pay top dollar for a vehicle with an accident. A vehicle that is clear is going to command a higher dollar.”


CarProof has emerged as a leader in the industry as the information used to generate the reports is considered “live” or “instant reporting” – meaning when the insurance companies, law enforcement, repair shops and government agencies receive the data, it is disclosed on the report. The competition receives their information sporadically from the various sources, therefore producing a inferior report. CarProof adds value from an exclusive partnership with a company based out of the United States, therefore the reports are not limited to Canadian data. CarProof is continuing to innovate their industry, as they have recently developed a smart phone application that allows the dealership employee to scan the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the vehicle and immediately generate a CarProof report. All the major Canadian vehicle auctions run CarProof reports on every vehicle that run through the lanes and this new app is going to make purchasing vehicles easier both at the auction and at the dealership.

Private sellers have even gone as far as producing “fake” Carproof Reports.”


Building confidence and loyalty is crucial to becoming successful in the retail automotive industry and CarProof reports are a way to “take the stress away from the customer.” Ontario automobile purchasers are protected by multiple forms of government legislation including the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA), the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Paul is accurate in saying a CarProof report is “the best tool to comply with the MVDA.” Failure to comply results in a hefty fine or even the removal of the dealer license. An opportunity for CarProof is that these forms of legislation do not protect a consumer when buying a vehicle privately. A dealer is under immense regulation to disclose everything on the vehicle where as a private seller is not accountable to anyone. Private sellers have even gone as far as producing “fake” Carproofs, in which Paul had an easy remedy. Either ask the seller to email the link to the Carproof or type in the URL at the bottom of the report and if the report is real, it will immediately pop up on a web browser.


“Nothing offsets a good physical inspection of the vehicle.”



While Paul and Callie did a thorough job of explaining the benefits and depth of the CarProof reports, Paul had no problems admitting “we are not perfect and we will never be perfect.” The goal of CarProof Paul explained was to be the “closest you are going to get to perfect.” He also reminded the group that “nothing offsets a good physical inspection of the vehicle.” CarProof is really catching on the industry, which is a positive trend as disclosing the proper information protects both buyers and sellers. The best month for CarProof was 160,000 reports being generated for dealers, lenders and members of the public! The reason these reports are so popular is that at the end of the day, they help the dealers, lenders and members of the public stay away from bad deals and keep more money in their pocket. Knowledge is power and CarProof prides themselves on having “the best data. Period.”

In conclusion, on behalf of the Automotive Business School of Canada, we would like to thank Paul & Callie for their fantastic presentation, and to everyone down in London at CarProof Canada. CarProof Canada continues to support our school by providing a very generous scholarship opportunity for our students and the growing company will continue to employ ABSC graduates in the future.